Do parallel lines intercept

Updated: 10/24/2022
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No, parallel lines never meet or cross each other.

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Q: Do parallel lines intercept
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Can parallel lines have the same intercept value?

Unless they are the exact same lines, no. Parallel lines do not touch. If two lines have the same intercept value, they share a point, and therefore touch.

Do parallel lines have the same slope and y intercept?

Parallel lines have the same slope, which makes them parallel. However, they cannot have the same y intercept, or else it would be the same line.

Are all Intersecting lines parallel?

Parallel lines cannot intersect in the Euclidean plane. Intersecting lines are not parallel.

What is it called when two lines on a graph do not intercept?


How many points do parallel lines have in common?

the parallel lines never intercept so they do not have any common points.

What are lines called that have the same slope and the same y intercept?

parallel lines.

What does parallel lines intercepted arc conjecture mean?

Parallel lines intercept congruent arcs on a circle. More explanation: Parallel lines never interSECT but they can interCEPT Congruent arcs means that the two arcs would have the same measure of the arcs.

Are two same lines parallel?

yes two lines that are the same line are parallel because they continue forever and do not intercept.

How is skew lines are different from parallel lines?

Skew lines are lines that lie on separate planes. and do not intercept parallel lines that are sometimes on the same plane, but don't intersect

Do perarallel lines have the same y-intercept?

If parallel lines had the same y intercept then they would intersect each other at that point (0, c). Parallel lines don't intersect at all so they cannot have the same y intercept. The only exception would be if both lines were the same.

What are the differences between parallel lines?

The difference is in the location of their intercept with any other non-parallel line.

How can you use the slopes and y-intercepts to determine if two lines are parallel?

If the lines are straight and have the same slope they are parallel, no matter what the y intercept is