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Parallel lines intercept congruent arcs on a circle. More explanation: Parallel lines never interSECT but they can interCEPT Congruent arcs means that the two arcs would have the same measure of the arcs.

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Q: What does parallel lines intercepted arc conjecture mean?
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What does it mean when lines are parell?

_____ lines are parallel and run _____.

Does an octagon have parrellel sides?

You mean lines or sides? But,octagon has parallel lines. Um, four parallel lines.

What does transversal lines mean?

They are lines that cut through parallel lines

What do geometric lines mean?

They could be: parallel lines, perpendicular lines or intersecting lines

What does parallel lines mean?

Parallel lines are lines on a graph that have the same slope, but are in different positions. For example, the two sides of a ladder, would represent parallel lines.

What is the difference formula for parallel and perpendicular lines?

parellel lines mean they are to lines the same

What does the word parallel mean in maths?

Parallel in maths means opposite. Two parallel lines can never touch. I you are not sure if two lines are parallel then imagine that these lines go on for ever, will they eventually cross?

Are lines that never intersect parallel or perendicular?

parallel. Perpendicular mean 2 lines connect at a 90 degree angle

Does adjacent lines mean parallel?

It means when two lines meet. Parallel lines never meet; they stay exactly the same distance apart.

What does parallel mean in math?

The word parallel means that one set (or more) of lines will never touch, even if the line goes on forever.Example of a set of parallel lines:_______________________________________________________Note: parallel lines do not have to be in equal length.

What does it mean when 2 lines are parallel?

Two lines are parallel when they are perfectly straight, side by side. Train tracks for example. The symbol for parallel is: (I.E. AB)

What we mean by parallel sides?

Parallel sides are lines that remain the same distance apart.

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