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acute and obtuse.

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Q: Do parallelograms have acute obtuse or right angles?
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Can a parallelogram only have acute angles?

no parallelograms can have either obtuse or acute angles. however not a right angle s it makes it a rectangle

Can a rectangle have more than one obtuse angle?

A rectangle cannot have any obtuse angles; it contains only right angles. Parallelograms can have two, provided that the others are acute.

How many right acute and obtuse angles does a trapezoid have?

It can have 0 or 2 right angles, 1 or 2 acute or obtuse angles.

Are angles acute or obtuse?

there are 4 types of common angles. right, obtuse, acute, and straight.

Does a rectangle have 2 acute and 2 obtuse angles?

NO!!! All four angles are right-angles (90 degrees) The word 'rectangle' means -right-angled quadrilateral.

Is a trapezold a acute obtuse or right angle?

A trapezoid contains either:two acute angles and two obtuse angles orone acute angle, one obtuse angle and two right angles.

What angles are Obtuse and acute?

acute<90 right=90 obtuse>90

What angles are there?

* Acute * obtuse * right

Can you have a triangle with 1 acute 1 right and 1 obtuse angle?

No it is impossible a triangle can have: 3 acute angles 1 right and 2 acute angles 1 obtuse and 2 acute angles

Are the angles on a hexagon acute obtuse or right?


Are the angles inside a rectangle acute 'right angles or obtuse?


Are the Hexagon angles acute or obtuse or right?

Obtuse angles.Another Answer:-If it is a regular hexagon then the interior angles are obtuse and the exterior angles are acute which are 120 and 60 degrees respectively