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They can. And if you include repeating 0s and repeating 9s, then all rational numbers can be written with infinitely long repeating digits.

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Q: Do rational numbers have a repeating decimal?
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Is a rational number a repeating decimal?

All repeating decimals are rational numbers. Not all rational numbers are repeating decimals.

What numbers can be expressed as a terminating or repeating decimal?

Rational numbers can be expressed as a terminating or repeating decimal.

What is a terminating and repeating decimal?

They are rational numbers.

What numbers can be expressed as terminating or repeating decimal?

They are rational numbers

What can rational numbers can be expressed as?

Terminating or repeating decimal numbers.

What is the vocabulary for a terminating decimal and a repeating decimal?

They are both rational numbers.

Is 0.313131 a rational number?

Yes, it is a repeating decimal. Terminating and repeating decimals are rationals. Rational numbers can also be expressed as a fraction. 0.313131 is a repeating decimal.

What are facts about rational numbers?

Rational numbers can be written as a fraction with a non-zero denominator,as a terminating,a decimal,or a repeating decimal.

Is a repeating decimal irrational or rational?

A repeating decimal is rational.

Are all terminating and repeating decimal rational numbers?


Are negative decimals rational numbers?

Yes, negative decimal numbers are rational, as long as it is terminating or repeating.

What are the 3 types of rational numbers?

If you convert them into decimal form you can say there are terminating decimals, there are the integers, and there are repeating decimals. EX: 2.4 is a terminating decimal. 2.44444444... is a repeating decimal. 2 is an integer. all are rational numbers.

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