Do tally charts need titles

Updated: 11/8/2022
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All charts need titles. It helps others to work out what is going on.

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Q: Do tally charts need titles
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What are surveys and tally charts?

What are tally charts?a survey is a list of questions used to collect information or opinionsWhat are surveys?we use tally charts to record data or informationthank youshanzay

What are tally charts used for?

Tally charts are good because it helps you to read, count the total amount of the tally and great fun 4 mathsTally charts are used in math's.

What is disadvantage of tally charts?

difficult to understand

Why do charts and graphs need titles?

So people looking at the chart or graph will know what it depicts.

What is frequency for math?

Frequency is used in tally charts and it is the total of the lines. It is normally down the side of the tally chart. Hope this helps. :)

Different types of charts?

stem-and-leaf plot pie chart tally chart

What is a bar diagram?

Its a maths bar diagram that you can use with tally charts to help you with counting the amount of things but in order

Shortcut keys in tally 6.3?

tally 6.3 need the key

What mathematical Charts and graphs are there?

Bar Graph Pie Chart Line Graph Venn Diagram Tally Chart Pictograph

Do you underline video titles?

You need to underline or italicize video game titles. Short stories and song titles need to be put in quotation marks.

Where can you buy Tally accounting software?

If you want to buy Tally software just send a mail in given address............. You can get the tally's latest software... if you want to buy Tally.ERP 9 (Tally Accounting Software) please send me a mail to also mail us, if you want to need help about Tally. Thanks

Do bar charts need categoric variables?