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Q: Do the denominaters have to be the same to be able to add the fraction?
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What must a fraction have before we add before we can add them?

They must have the same denominators.

How do you simplify an added fraction?

If you make the donominator the same you will add the numberator but not the dinominator

Do you have to add the numerator and denominator to have a like fraction?

No because you have too multiply the numerator and denominator by the the same number to have an equivalent fraction.

Does adding numerators and denominators work in fraction addition?

To add fractions, you cannot simply add the numberators and add the denominators. To add fractions, they must first have the same denominator. Once they have the same denominator, you can then simply add the numerators.

Why cant you add the numerators in a fraction problem?

You can, but unless the denominators are the same, you won't get the right answer.

how to convert a non-proper fraction into a proper fraction?

Multiply the whole number by the denominator. Add the product to the numerator of the proper fraction. The sum is the numerator of the improper fraction. The denominator will stay the same.

How do you add an improper fraction?

The same way as proper ones. Find a common denominator, add the converted numerators, simplify if possible.

How do you add the dissimilar fraction?

You have to convert them to equivalent similar fractions (fractions with the same denominator) first.

How do you add the fraction 1over4 2over4?

1/4+2/4 = 3/4 because the denominators are the same just add together the numerators

What is improper fraction and mixed fraction?

An improper fraction is which something you can't reduce anymore. A mixed fraction is a fraction where you can multiply the denominator by the whole number and add the numerator, ex. 4 and 1 half multiply 4 and 2 which is 8 and add 1 which is 10, so you now know that 4 and 1 half is the same as 10.

How do you write a mixed number to a fraction?

You multiply the denominator by the whole number, then add the numerator of the original fraction to get the numerator of your new fraction. The denominator stays the same as the original. Then you simplify into lowest terms.

Rules of adding similar fraction and dicimilar fraction?

if the denominators are the same just add or subtract.for example:2/7+3/7=5/7