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Q: Do the midpoints of an isoceles triangle form another isoceles triangle?
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How many equal sides does a isoceles triangle?

An equilateril triangle has all equal sides. Then comes the isoceles with two equal sides. Next, the scalene triangle coming in with no equal sides, so the exact answer to your question in the simplest form is: 2.

What type of quadrilateral form when the midpoints of square connects?

When yo connect the midpoints of THE SIDES OF squares you get a square.

How do you make a triangle out of 3 trapezoids?

There is no combination of trapezoids which can form a triangle. well not exactly, if you have three " isoceles like trapezoid", then you can, provided, you are allowed to overlap. you should be able to figure it out now.... What if the triangle was equilateral and the trapezoids were isoceles? You wouldn't need the trapezoids to overlap. Use the longer 'bottom' edge of each trapezoid and the 'left' edge of the next trapezoid to make up the edge of the triangle. The shorter 'top' edge of the trapezoids touch the 'right' edge of the next trapezoid in the center of the triangle.

What is another name for the corners of a triangle?

vertex, or in plural form, vertices.

When the midpoints of adjacent sides of a quadrilateral are connected by segments these segments form a what?

It forms a parallelogram.

What is the name for a polygon that is star shaped?

A pentagon has 5 sides whose midpoints form a star shape.

What is the adjective form of noun triangle?

The adjective form of triangle is triangular.

What is the combining form meaning triangle?

Delt- is the medical terminology combining form meaning triangle.

What three angles can form a triangle?

Any three angles that sum to 180 can form a triangle.

How many cubic feet in a triangle 40' x 10.5' x 10.5' x 12 thick?

This is first an isoceles triangle with base 40' and one of the other two equal sides is 10.5 feet. The two equal sides added together (21 feet) needs to be at least a bit greater than the base (40 feet) to form a triangle. Since this condition is not met it is not possible to have the 3-D object you describe.

How many equal sides do a triangle have?

Three equal sides in the form of an equilateral triangle and two equal sides in the form of an isosceles triangle

What triangle have three angles with measurement greater than zero called?

If a three-sided figure (triangle) has one angle that is zero, then all angles will be zero and the three sides will be coincident, that is, they will occupy the same space and will, therefore form a single line. Such a figure would not be referred to as a triangle, and would have little practical value in trigonometry (the study of triangles).Therefore, every triangle has three angles greater than zero degrees, whether it be isoceles, right-angled, equilateral, or any other.

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