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On a nationwide average in the USA, the number is significantly greater than that,

but still less than 100%.

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Q: Do women earn 30 percent to 40 percent the income of men performing the same work?
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How does the pay level of women compare to pay level of men?

Women in equivalent jobs earn about 75 percent of what men earn

How much does the top 2 percent of Americans earn?

its approx $200,000 houshold income.

What is the salary of a ballet dancer?

Dancers who work with performing arts companies earn a median income of $14.82 per hour. And in £'s I ain't bothered

If you have budgeted 2.3 percent of your income to go toward car repair how much should you set aside each month if you earn a monthly income of 1800?


What percent of Americans earn over 65000 dollars per year?

Over 65 percent of Americans earn over 65000 dollars per year. Most households in America are in this bracket of income.

What is income?

It is the money people earn when their paycheck comes in.An income is the money you earn for providing a service.

How do individuals earn income?

By working and being productive, households earn an income and businesses make a profit.

How do you compute tax on salary in Afghanistan?

In Afghanistan if your monthly salary is 5000 afs ($100) or less, you don't pay any income taxes. If it's more that 5000 afs you pay 2 percent in tax, if you earn more than 12,500 afs you pay 10 percent in tax, if you earn 100,000 afs, ($ 2000) and more, you pay 20 percent as income tax. But does everyone really pay his taxes?

What percent of their gross income does the Garcia family receive from their rental house if they receive 609.70 a month in rent and earn 2345 a month?


What percent of their gross income does the Garcia family receive from their rent houses if they receive 609.70 a month in rent and earn 2345 a month?


What percent of the money you earn goes to government?

As per Tax slabs defined by Income Tax Department the percentage of salary goes to Government.

If you live in FL and work in another state where do you pay state income tax?

The state where you work and earn the income wants to collect some state income tax on the income that you earn in that state.

What is the income you earn from the shares dividend?

Income earned from shares is called dividend income and shown in income statement as "Other income".

How can supply and demand can affect jobs stability and income?

They can change the amount of income you earn!

While training in a management position you might expect to earn 24000 to 28000 annually If you pay 6.2 percent of your income toward Social Security and 1.45 percent toward Medicare what is the least?


How much income do you have to earn to qualify for earned income credit?

$3500 or more

What percent of their gross income do the kendricks receive from their rent house if they receive 60000 a month in rent and earn 2345.00 a month?

Total Income = 60000 Rental Income = 2345 % income from rent = 2345 / 60000 * 100 = 3.9% Kendricks receive 3.9% of his gross income through rent.

What is the definition of income?

income is what you can earn including your salary, other suport income like your rental income and some profit payment

How did Ludwig van Beethoven earn money?

By performing and composing.

What is a tax that you pay on the money you earn?

To answer your question, the taxes you pay on the money you earn (salary, income) is called income tax.

How much money does a neurosurgeon earn?

According to the 2012 MGMA Physician Compensation Report (based on 2011 data), the average income for neurosurgeons is about $775,968. The median or midpoint is $704,170. The top ten percent earn up to $1,229,881.

How much money do instrumentalists earn?

Instrumentalists earn based on where they are performing, skill of the performer, and the employer's willingness to pay.

What is the Income you earn on an investment called?


How does Mozambique earn most of its income?


How much did an engineer can earn the income?