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for example: a*a*a = a^3

3*3*3 =27 which equals =3^3

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Q: Do you add or multiply to get a cubed number?
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How do you solve 4x squared times 6x squared?

multiply the base number and add the two exponets together

What is x squared times x cubed?

X^5. When you multiply two of the same variables to a certain power, you simply have to add the powers together. So a number squared (2) times a number cubed (3) would equal a number to the fifth.

How do you you add 5 percent to a number?

Divide the number by 100 and then multiply the answer by 5. add the number with the answer.

How can you convert meters cubed to feet cubed?

Here's how I do it. You may find another procedure that you like better.-- take the number of meters cubed-- multiply it by 35.3147-- the answer is feet cubed in the same area

What is the cube of a number?

A cube of a number is when you multiply it by itself twice. Eg) 2 cubed = 2x2x2=8

When cubed and squared are multiplied how do you get your product?

first you get the denominators the same then you multiply the number you multiplied to the denominator to the numerator then you add the two numerators together and keep the denominators the same then if needed you simplify

You are thinking of a number you multiply it by 8 and add 12 you get the same answer when you multiply it by 2 and add 120 what is the number?


What does 4 cubed mean?

It means that whatever number comes before the "4 Cubed", then you multiply that number four times by itself. Ex. 4^4=4x4x4x4=256

Why can you multiply a number with a variable but you can't add them?

You can add them.

What is 14 cubed?

Cubed means to multiply the number times itself 3 times. So... 14 x 14 x 14 = 2744

What number is 7 cubed?

Square - multiply same number two times Cube - multiply same number three times 7 X 7 X 7 = 343 !!!

How do you cube a digit?

multiply it by itself and then multiply that by the original number. example: 2 cubed. 2*2=4 4*2=8