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Q: Do you add or multiply when doing volume?
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Do you add or multiply for volume?


Do you add or multiply when doing greatest common factor?

You multiply (or divide), not add.

Do you multiply or add with volume?

To find out volume you need to times length by breadth by height

Why do you multiply when doing volume?

you multiply when you are finding the volume of something is because that is how you find how much space something takes

Do you subtract or add volume and mass for density?

no you multiply

When you are doing area do you add and multiply or multiply only?

for area you times width x length

When using volume do you add or multiply?

That's going to depend on what you'll use the volume to find.There's no single rule that you can use every time you see volume.

How do you find the volume of a cube with a fraction edge length?

You are supposed to multiply the length by the edge that is a fraction and divide it by 2 and multiply by 3. Then you add 3.14. You should get your answer

Do you multiply or divide when doing order of operations?

The order of operations is: P (parentheses) E (Exponents) M (Multiply) D (Divide) A (Add) S (Subtract)

How do you measure the volume of a regular shaped solid?

You measure the height and the length and add them together. Multiply the result by the square root of the width. That number, in cubic units, is the volume.

What can you add to 20 but multiply to get 150?


Do you add or multiply for area?

You have to multiply to find area you have to add to find perimiter

Do you add or multiply on area?

you are suppose to MULTIPLY on area.

Do you add or multiply for the gcf?


Do you add or multiply to get the answer of a hypotenuse?

You multiply.

Is area add or multiply?


What does by mean multiply or add?


To get the volume of a multiply pi by the radius squared and then multiply by the height.?

That is correct for finding the volume of a cylinder.

What can you multiply and add to get 843?

you can multiply 281 and 3 you can add 840 and 3

Do you add or subtract when you multiply?

you add

Do you add or multiply area?


Does and mean to add or multiply?


Do you add or multiply on perimeter?


How do you times the volume?

The answer depends on what you wish to multiply the volume by!

Do you multiply or add the factor in dialations?

You multiply them.