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When it comes to numbers (this question was asked in the "Math and Arithmetic" category), adding a negative number to a positive number always equals a negative number.

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Q: Do you add the positive and negative to get the neutral?
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If an atom has both positive and negative particles how can it be neutral?

Neutral is when the charge is zero. In the atom the sum of the positive and negative charges add to zero, thus making the atom neutral.

Are crystals in the urine negative or positive?

Crystals in the urine are probably uric acid, although there are other possibilities such as oxalic acid. Crystals are not negative or positive, they are neutral. An ionic compound is composed of both positive and negative ions, which add up to a neutral compound.

How do you make an atom neutral?

If an atom has positive energy you can add electrons to make the atom neutral. If there is negative energy you can add protons to neutral it. This is not an easy process. This is a chemical one.

Is a proton a negative positive or neutral?

A proton is positive, an electron is negative, and a neutron is neutral.

Why does a positive ion bond with a negative ion?

To become more stable: positive+negative=neutral. Neutral is more stable than positive and/or negative.

Is sheepish negative positive or neutral connotation?


Is scrawny a negative or positive or neutral connotation?


Is mysterious negative positive or neutral connotation?

Mysterious has a neutral connotation.

Is ingenious negative positive or neutral connotation?


Is restrict a negative, neutral, or positive connotation?


Is boney a positive negative or neutral connotation?


How do you add a negative by a negative?

you make it a positive because negative add negative becomes a positive

What part of an atom has a positive negative and neutral charge?

protons have a positive charge, electrons are negative, and neutrons are neutral.

Are molecules neutral positive or negative?

none of the above. neutrons are neutral, protons are positive and electrons are negative. A combination of all is a molecule.

Is the word giggle a negative positive or neutral connotation?


Does a neutron have a negative positive or neutral charge?

Neutrons have a neutral charge. Protons(positive) and electrons(negative) are the particles in an atom that contain a charge.neutral

Is snooty a positive neutral or negative connotation?


When you add a positive with a negative does it come out positive or negative?

Its negative

Is quench positive or negative connotation?


Which pair correctly matches the atomic particle to its electric charge?

electron, negative proton, positive neutron, neutral

Is the charge of a compound always positive?

no, it can be negative or neutral or positive. if it is not neutral then the compound is ionized.

Why is zero neutral?

basically zero is neutral, because its nor positive nor negative. its also in between positive and negative integers.

What are the charger of the three particles?

Proton - Positive Neutron - Neutral Electron - Negative Proton - Positive Neutron - Neutral Electron - Negative

Why are a neutral atoms positive and negative charges balanced?

For the atom to be neutral, the positive and negative charges must cancel each other out.

What is the difference between negative positive and neutral charges?

a positive charge is proton, a negative charge is a electron, and a neutral charge is a neuton