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when you do mean you hhave to count how many numbers there are, that will be the number you use to divide. then add all of the numbers together then with that sum, divide it by the number you got when you counted how many numbers there were.


What is the mean of.....





there are 4 numbers

the sum of the numbers is 254

divide 254 by 4


4 )254

the mean is 63.5

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Q: Do you divide by five or two when you have to do mean?
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What is the mean of two five and twelve?

In order to find the mean of numbers, add up all of the numbers and thn divide it by the number of numbers there are. Adding two, five and twelve equals nineteen. Then divide three into nineteen, and this gives you a mean of 6.33.

How do you work out the prime factors of 700?

700 Divide by two. 350,2 Divide by two. 175,2,2 Divide by five. 35,5,2,2 Divide by five. 7,5,5,2,2 Stop.

How do you calculate the prime factor of 200?

200 Divide by two. 100,2 Divide by two. 50,2,2 Divide by two. 25,2,2,2 Divide by five. 5,5,2,2,2 Stop.

What is the number pattern 68 34 17 22 11 16 8?

Divide by two, divide by two, add five, divide by two

How do you make a factor tree for 760?

760 Divide by two. 380,2 Divide by two. 190,2,2 Divide by two. 95,2,2,2 Divide by five. 19,5,2,2,2 Stop. All the factors are prime.

How do you divide two by five?

If you have 2.00 to divide between 5 people they get 0.40 each

How do you find the prime factorization of 700?

700 Divide by two. 350,2 Divide by two. 175,2,2 Divide by five. 35,5,2,2 Divide by five. 7,5,5,2,2 Stop. 2 x 2 x 5 x 5 x 7 = 700

What is ten divided by five?

five divide by ten equals to five tenthsfive tenths is .5

What is five divide by five add two times three?

1 + 6 = 7

To divide into two congruent parts?

I'm assuming you mean "What does dividing into two congruent parts mean?". It means to divide into two identical halves.

How can you divide two pizzas among five people?

Each person would get two fifths of a pizza (or you could just divide each pizza into five equal slices, and give two slices to each person).

How do you find the mean of five different numbers?

Add the five numbers together and then divide that number by 5