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To multiply 115 by 10 add a nought: 1150
To divide by ten move the decimal point 1 place to the left: 11.5

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Q: Do you divide or multiply 115 kilometers to 10?
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Do you multiply or divide to get how many kilometers are in a centimeter?

1 centimeter = 1.0 × 10-5 kilometers

Changing from mph to Kilometers in a 2000 Lincoln town car?

divide mph by 10, and then multiply answer by 6 will give you kilometers

How do you convert 225 centimeters into meters millimeters and kilometers?

Centimetres to metres: divide by 100 Centimetres to millimetres: multiply by 10 Centimetres to kilometres: divide by 100000.

Do you multiply or divide to change millimeters to meters?

You divide the number of meters by 1000 to get distance in kilometers. You multiply the number of kilometers by 1000 to get the distance in meters. Generally, when converting from a large unit to a smaller one, you multiply. You divide when going from smaller to larger. However, conversion factors are often given that imply multiplication, no matter what direction you're going. For example, to convert from feet to inches, multiply by 12. To go from inches to feet, multiply by 0.0833 (which is 1/12, of course). In the metric system, it's more common: to go from kilometers to meters, multiply by 1000; to go from meters to kilometers, multiply by 0.001. Those who are good at math understand that multiplying by a fraction (a value less than one) is the same as dividing by its reciprocal.

Do you multiply or divide by 10 or 100 or 1000 to get answer to 50m500 dm?

Multiply my 10.

Do you multiply or divide when a problem is asking you what is 0.94 of 10?

Well the best answer is you should multiply not divide

Do you multiply or divide by 10 to convert cm to dm?


Do you multiply or divide to change mm to cm?

Divide... by 10

How many meters are in10 kilometers?

There are 0.001 km in 1 meter. All you have to do is multiply 10 by 0.001. Just remember when you go from a prefix to a base, km being a prefix and m being a base, you multiply. When you are going from a base to a prefix, divide. 10 times 0.001 is 0.01m.

How much do you multiply or divide by to convert cm to mm?

Multiply by 10

How do you convert dm to m?

Divide by 10.

Do you multiply 10 with cm to mm conversion?

Multiply cm by 10 to get mm. Divide mm by 10 to get cm.