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When an X is used in a math problem, it means to times the numbers together!

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Q: Do you divide or times in maths when x is used?
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Is area in maths times?

Yes it is. It is Length x Width.

In maths arithmetic divide 150 into 3 parts?

The answer is 50. Thus 3 X 50=150

What are math quadrants?

In maths x and y-axis divide plane into four parts these parts are called quadrants.

In maths what can you do with the number 16?

you can add it, subtract it, divide it, times it, find the square root of it, use it in questions, halve it, double it, make it 6 and 10 and get 2 numbers from it and probably a lot more x

May you tell me the answer for 285 divide by 3?


In 3 times x times 3 times x times x times x equals 5 times x times x times x what is x?

(3x)(3x)(x)(x) = (5x)(x)(x) 9x^4=5x^3 divide by x^3 9x = 5 x = 5/9

Another Word For Multiply In Maths?

Times, Per, Multiple, X, () are all words for multiply

What does Reduce increase by a Factor of x means?

divide or multiply the number x times.

How do you get slope?

You take the x and times it by the y and divide 4

What do you get when you multiply x by 6 and then divide that product by 6?


In maths how do you find out the mean average?

(x+y)/2 gives you the average you just add the values together and divide by the number of values you have

What is three times 1.40?

3 times 1.40 would equal 4.20. 1.40 x 3 ----- 4.20 Simple maths?

How do you work out Areas in maths questions?

well, you times (x) the length by the width of the shape kofie2468 :P

How does 1760 times 31 equal 54560?

Because that is how maths work. 1760 x 31 = 54560

What is x times 3 equals xx?

if i understand the question, 3*x = x*x therefore divide both by x = 3 = x

How many times does 66 go into 20?

If you need to work out how many times a number (x) goes into another (y), you divide y by x. Therefore you need to divide 20 by 66. 20/66 = 0.30303030303030 (recurring) times

What is x in maths?


Which number times which number equals 500 in maths?

1 x 500 2 x 250 4 x 125 5 x 100 10 x 50 20 x 25

How do you understand mapping in maths?

x to x +25

How many times does 7 divide into 496?


How do you solve 64 in prime factors?

64 = 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 or 26. Divide 64 by 2, then divide the quotient by 2, then divide that quotient by 2, etc. The number of times 2 goes into 64 is the exponent of 2.

What is four times X equals 44?

Divide 44 by 4, and the result is 11. Therefore X = 11.

Where did maths originate?

Maths originated in Rome in 75.BC.They didn't use numbers ,they used roman numerals and that made maths come across as very difficult for them e.g 111 x v = xv (3x5=15)

What is 300 times 80 divide 100?

300 x 80 / 100 = 240

How do you find a radius if you have the circumference?

You divide circumference / (2 x pi).You divide circumference / (2 x pi).You divide circumference / (2 x pi).You divide circumference / (2 x pi).