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There is no evidence to support the hypothesis that you will eat more when you are having a boy then a girl as opposed to having a girl and then a boy.

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Q: Do you eat more when your having a boy then a girl?
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How much does a person eat a day?

boy or girl and be more specific they eat 2000

Is there a way to make a baby boy or a baby girl more likely in sims 3?

Baby Boy - Pregnant Sim eat Apples Baby Girl - Pregnant Sim eat Watermelons.

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How do you have a girl in The Sims?

In the Sims 3 you can do a cheat that gives you a boy or a girl. To get a GIRL you eat watermelon which you get form the grocery store. To get a BOY you eat apples. You do this when you are pregnant. well in sims2 on PC i had a girl! im guessing i had it by eating mac'n'cheese and cereal!

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eat chicken

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Can you have baby on sims 3 for wii?

You can! Im pritty sure you know the beguinning but heres a cheat for kids 3 watermelons= girl *eat no apples if you want a girl also no pandcakes 3 apples= boy * eat no watermelons The more of the certain fruit you eat the more chance of twins or triplets!

Do praying mantises eat their mate?

yes but girl eats the boy..

Do you eat apples or watermelons for a baby boy on sims 3?

If you want a baby boy, you need to eat at least 10 apples or more. For a baby girl, you need to eat 10 or more watermelons. Each fruit you eat changes the chances of the gender by 5%. It starts off at 50% for either, and then is affected by the fruit eated by the mother during pregnancy.

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yes because they eat little boy and lions

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preaper so the girl grasshoper couil eat him

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