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Q: Do you hyphen thirty percent
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Related questions

Do you hyphen three thirty?

No. It is three thirty, but in five minutes time it will be three thirty-five.

Is five thirty hyphenated?

No. I cannot see any hyphen.

What is ten percent of thirty dollars?

Ten percent of thirty is three.

What is one percent times thirty?

One percent times thirty is 0.3

Thirty is what percent of 240?

The correct applicable answer to Thirty is what percent of 240 is 12.5%

What is thirty percent of thirty dollars?

Thirty percent of $30.00 is $9.00 30 x 0.3 = $9.00

What is thirty percent of five hundred?

Thirty percent of one hundred is 30, so thirty percent of five hundred must be 30 X 5 = 150.

What is ten percent of thirty pounds?

Just divide thirty by ten to get three, and there you have it; three pounds is ten percent of thirty. This is proven by multiplying three by ten to get thirty.

What is Thirty percent of forty?

Thirty percent of forty is 12. 0.30 times forty= 12.

How do you write 37.5 percent in words?

Thirty seven point five percent Thirty seven and one half percent

How do you write 36.75 percent in words?

Thirty-six and seventy-five hundredths percent or thirty-six and three fourths percent.

What is thirty percent of thirty five dollars?

$10 50c

Is thirty ninety percent of forty?

No, thirty is 75% of forty.

How do you write 1.35 percent in word form?

One and thirty five hundredths of one percent.

When should you use hyphen when representing years?

You should use a hyphen to represent years with more than two digits that end in a number other than zero, such as twenty-seven and one hundred and thirty-three. The hyphen is only used between the last two digits.

What is thirty percent off six dollars and thirty cent?


Why between two word which combined use hyphen?

Such as the word, thirty-three. It is used in which to combine two words to make a complete thought. Twenty and three are two different words, but together they make the number thiry-three, the hyphen unites the words to make on word for describing something. As in the following sentence: My cousin in Texas is turning thirty-three.

What percent of convicts that came to Australia was catholic?

thirty percent

What is thrity percent of 15.00?

Thirty percent of 15 is 4.5

What is one thrid percent as thirty percent.?

uhmm 12%

What is ten percent of thirty percent of twenty thousand?


What percent marriages last 35 years?

Thirty percent

What percent of thirty six is NinEty?

4 %

What is thirty five percent of two hundred and thirty thousand dollars?


Do you really want to save thirty percent on Virtual Private Server?

If one can save thirty percent on the Virtual Private Server that is a good deal.