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Yes, you have to multiply and it's because of the percentage, and my answer may not be helpful to you but you can also find math antics on either their website or on YouTube.

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Q: Do you multiply when figuring out the percentage of a commission?
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What is the formula for getting the commission?

You multiply the commission rate (the percentage, divided by 100), by the amount for which you are supposed to get commission.

How do you find what was the commission percentage 120 earned out of 2400?

Commission percentage can be calculated as follows: commission percentage = 120/2400 *100 = 5%

What is the formula for figuring percentage?

X as a percentage of Y = 100*X/Y.

Is commission the same as add or subtract?

commission is added percentage

What is the formula for figuring out percentages?

To find the percentage of one number in relation to another number then divide the relative number by the base number and multiply the result by 100.Example : what percentage of 54 is 21. Then 21 is the relative number and 54 is the base number. Percentage = 100 x 21/54 = 38.89 (2dp)

Randy works for Balding Tires He receives a 0.4 commission on his sales Last month his sales totaled 12000 Calculate the amount of his commission?

The first step is to convert the decimal to a percentage by multiplying 0.4 times 100. This gives you a percentage of 40 percent. The next step is to multiply 12000 times 40 percent, which is 4800. The total commission on 12000 dollars in sale would be 4800 dollars.

When doing percentage do i multiply are divide?

To change a number into a percentage multiply it by 100.

What is accrued commission?

Accrued commission is commission that builds up over time. Commission is what you earn, usually a percentage, from a sale of something.

How can you find common multiples faster without figuring it out?

If you're feeling lucky, you could guess, but really "figuring it out" is the only way to, well, figure it out.

What is commission rate?

percentage of money you get from a sale.

What percent commission would a salesman get?

The percentage of commission five to a salesperson depends on the employer as the range of commission varies from 2% up.

What is commission based on value of sales?

A commission is a percentage of the sale the salesman receives as compensation for the sale.