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It certainly wouldn't hurt. You would be somewhat handicapped without it.

You're constantly calculating times and costs.

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Q: Do you need math for movie and radio production?
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Does a movie director need to know math?

Yes. You need to be good at math in everything you do. If you want to be a movie director sometimes when you cut out a scene you have to do quick math to see how long the movie will be. Sorry, I wasn't happy hearing that either but its true!

What classes will I need to take for radio production training?

You must generally have a degree in broadcasting, communications or video and radio productionn and them involve many subjects.

Is there math in movie making?

yes because you need an amount of people in the background and material.

I'm very interested in a career in radio production and need to know what schools online or in the Norfolk, VA area offer classes?

Kaplan University offers classes online for radio production. You can also take courses at Norfolk State University.

What are two examples os a rate that is math related?

Need a little more specific. Rate of speed, rate of production.. Really any rate is math related even if it`s also science. You`re still doing math equations.

How many actors do you need in a movie?

It depends on how many are needed based on the size of the production and script.

Is mathletics dumb?

No. You need to know it. If you go to the store you need to know how to read the prices and to figure out if you have enough money to buy what you want. Someday you will want a house or a car so math is needed in both of those things. If you want to measure for drapes or rugs you need math. To balance your checkbook you need math, to make change or get change you need math, to do your taxes you need math, to cook you need math, to know what kind of gas mileage you get you need math, to sew you need math, to frame a picture you need math, to figure your GPA you need math. Math is used for just about everything.

Why do you need math for psychology?

you need math 4 statistics and stuff

Do football players need math?

Yes, they do need math. Perhaps for their paycheck.

Where do they need math teachers?

They need math teachers in all schools around the world.

How much math does a writer need to know?

Writers do not need to know math to succeed.

What is the answer to the math challenge?

What math test is it? I need to know to answer.