Do you reduce proportions

Updated: 9/15/2023
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I would say yes. For example, 10:1 is so much easier (when one number is a 'one') to read than 100:10 or 20:2. Exceptions will be perhaps 5:3 is easier to read than 1.666666666666:1. If the question requires a certain syntax, then it should say so.


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Q: Do you reduce proportions
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What is similar about scale factor and proportions?

proportions are used in scale factors; scale factors ARE proportions

How do you name the cross products of proportions?

They are other proportions.

What is the definition of different proportions?

Proportions of differing proportionality

What are HD video proportions?

HD video proportions are 1024x720 :)

What can you use to measure proportions?

you can use scale model to measure proportions

How would one gain health net insurance?

To gain health net insurance you would have to reduce some percent from your medical, so that the proportions would be equally, and so you can use your premium.

Where can you find proportions?

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How can proportions be used in a sentence?

They made sure the profits were divided in the correct proportions.

How do you take mass gainer?

You don't, build muscle through hard work, not supplements, they're seriously bad for your health an reduce your sperm count. But if you really want to then you mix it in with water, the proportions should be on the container

When was the law of definite proportions developed?

The law of definite proportions was developed by Joseph Proust in 1806.

What is similar about scale and scale factor?

proportions are used in scale factors; scale factors ARE proportions

How do proportions work?

proportions are used in calculations to help in the division of parts into units for effective distribution.