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I think this is the right answer.
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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

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in math

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Q: Do you say in math or on math?
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I would say no, because math core is just regular math and gcse math are big tests!

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Math in Hebrew is Hesh-bon (חשבון).

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No-some say the secrets of the universe will only be unlocked with advanced math as the key.

How can you talk to a 11 year old boy?

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whats your problem

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"Maths" is a lovers heart in schoools++++++++++++++===========love

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That's not a math term. A compliment is when you say something nice to somebody.

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"interesting maths" are "des math intéressants" in French.

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Yes, Maths is correct but in America they would say math and that's not entirely correct. I'm from England and we say maths not math but Im in a American school (cuz' I'm not in England right now) and they say math. So there i hope i helped.MATHS!!!!!! -CorrectMATH!!!!!!!- Wrong

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Say What - 2007 After Math - 1.3 was released on: USA: 10 November 2007

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Maths The Americans say math but they are incorrect

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die never say

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