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No. The mean is calculated by adding all of the numbers, then dividing that sum by [how many numbers]. The trimmed meandoes remove some outliers (same number of outliers at top and bottom, though). The median is the middle number of a sorted set.

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Q: Do you take the outlier out when calculating mean and median?
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When a low outlier is take out how will the mean median and mode change?

The mean will increase substantially. The median may increase slightly or substantially - depending on how many observations are in the central values of the distribution. The mode should not change at all.

If you take off the outlier does it make the mean change?

Yes, it will. An outlier is a data point that lies outside the normal range of data. This means that if it is factored in the mean will move in the direction the outlier is, really high if the outlier was high, and really low if the outlier was low.

Why is calculating the mean average better than the median or mode?

well when answering the mean you take the average of all the numbers so it be approxiamently around the answers and each number can affect the mean in many ways while a median is when you put the numbers in order and you get the middle number, because it is a middle the number can be far away from the beginning number or ending number. Mode is when the numbers appear the most and when picking mode it can be a dramatic change from the numbers around it. That is why calculating the mean average is better than take the median and mode, but sometimes some problems work better dealing with mode or median.

What is the median between 500 and 1 million?

To find the median of an even number of values, you need to take the mean of the 2 middle numbers. Since there is only 2 numbers, take the mean to find the median. The median is (500 + 1M)/2 = 500250.

What do you take if there is an outlier in data?

If a data set has an outlier, you would normally deal with it by omitting it from the average of the other values.

What does medain mean?

Median means the middle. In mathematics, you take a list of numbers, list them from lowest to highest, and the median is whatever number is in the middle.

Can you take the median of median values?

This question has no meaning.

What is the median of 1 2 3 6 8 and 10?

Median is the middle value, once put into order. Here it is between 3 and 6, so take the mean average of these to give a median of 4.5

What the mean the median or the mode?

The mean is the average of a series of numbers: The mean of 1,2,3,4,6,20 = 36/6 = 6 The median is the middle number in a series of numbesr The median of 1,2,3,4,6,20 = (3+4)/2 Take the average because there is no middle The median of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 = 4 The mode is the value that occurs most The mode of 1,2,2,3,4,5,6,6,7,7,8,8,8 = 8 because it occurs 8 times

What is the median of 9 6 10 3?

To work out the median, we firstly rearrange these numbers into numerical order: 3 6 9 10 The middle number is the median. However, in this example, there is no middle number, so we take the mean of 6 and 9 (mean: (6+9)/2=7.5). So the median is 7.5

How did you calculate LD50?

Calculating the median lethal dose, LD50 (the dose of a toxin which kills half of the test population) first requires a lot of laboratory testing which can take months. The data is then accumulated and manipulated to give a value which is the median dose. -- Why don't you get to understand Lichfield wilcoxon's method.

How do you find the mean and median for dichotomous data types?

To find the mean, you all them all up and divide by how many ever there are. To find the median, you put them in order and the middle one is the median. If there are an even number of data, you take the two in the middle, add them together, then divide by 2.

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