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Q: Does bissy tea clean your system in 24 hours?
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Does bissy tea clean marijuana out your system?


Bissy tea and drug test?

It has been reported that Bissy Tea can help you pass a drug test if you have THC in your system. The rumors, however, are not true and this will not work.

Does bissy tea clean your system?

No because thc is fat solible. Which means when thc enters the body it flows into the blood system then onto your body's fat cells. Only way to really clear your system is to exercise and sweat it out.

Is angel brand bissy tea safe to take while pregnant?

I would advise against consuming Bissy tea because of the high levels of caffeine.

How long does it take to cleanse your system out with green tea?

24 hours and a gallon of green tea and glass of cranberry juice will clean thc

Does a bissy tea flush your body out for opiates?


How do you pass your drug test in 24hrs for marijuana?

Drink Bissy or Bissi tea, if you can find it. Bissy is a nut, the tea is made from the dried and ground nut, and it really works.

Can angel brand bissy tea cleanse your system from THC?

No. At best it may mask THC, but the masking is likely detectable by other substances in your urine.

Does green tea help clean out your system from marijuana?

Green tea does not clean out your system but it does have the potential to prevent some forms of cancer.

How long will it take green tea to clean your system of weed?

Green tea will not clean your system of weed. The only thing that will get it out of your system is normal body metabolism processes and time.

How do you use bissy?

Bissy is also know as a kola or cola nut. This nut is sometimes used in soft drinks around the world. You can also purchase a bissy tea. West Africans tend to chew the cola nuts for the energy boost caused by the caffeine in the nut.

Does cerasee tea clean THC out of urine?

Does cerase tea take marijuana out of system

How is tea good for you?

if u do drugs tea can clean out your system and vinegar can do the same.

Does green tea and cranberry juice clean your system in 3 days?

Be specific, clean your system of what exactly?

Can antioxidant tea clean your system?


Does green tea clean Xanax out of your system?


Does angel brand bissy tea clean the system of THC or just give you a window to pass the urine test and can the tester tell?

i noticed when i took it that i have passed my test and people have told me to take it like an hour before the my urine test then drink like to cups of water and pee like twice before i go to it but im not sure weather or not if it cleans your system or gives you a window

How long does it take for green tea clean system of marijuana?

It does not clean it. Only time and not using will clean the system. The drug stays in the fat and hair cells.

How much cedar tea is needed to clean your system?

Approximately 1 gallon of cedar tea is needed to clean a person's system. It has natural properties which help to detoxify the body and remove harmful contaminants.

Can Lipton Tea Help You Clean What if your System?

I wish!

Does green tea clean system of marijuana?


What type of green tea clean your system?

Green tea the brand tetley a natural source of antioxidants

Will tea clean out your system of THC?

Hi there. Unfortunatly, there i no way to clean out your system of THC. Only time can do it. It can take up to 3 months for the THC to completely go away from your system.

How do you clean your system from speed?

Drink water and lots of green tea.

Does green tea help to clean out your system?

There is no evidence for this, though it is generally accepted that green tea has many benefits to the human body.