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Rounded to the nearest whole number, 2/5 rounds to zero.

Rounded to the nearest half, 2/5 rounds to one half.

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Q: Does 2 over five round to zero or one half?
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What is the answer for this fraction zero over five?


What is 233 rounded to the nearest tens?

If the digit you need to round is less than five, keep that digit and round the digits after the one you're working on to zero. If the digit you need to round is five or over round up, and change the remaining digits to zero. In this case, 233 rounded to the nearest ten is 230.

How do you make number zero with the numbers five eight and ten?

5/10 is a half. The bottom half of 8 is o - a zero!

How do we call 0.5 in words?

It is nought point five, zero point five, or one half

What is five tenths minus one half?

zero, one half equals five tenths, just as 4/8 and 2/4

How do you round numbers ending in 0 and 5?

Zero stays where it is. Five rounds up.

Does seven over fifteen round to one half or zero?

7/15 is closer to 1/2 than it is 0. so it rounds to 1/2.

Round 1 over 10 to the nearest whole number?


What is the word name for 10.5?

Ten point five. One zero point five. Ten and five tenths. Ten and a half.

How do you write 0.005 in word form?

zero and five thousandths

How do you spell twenty five 00000?

twenty five zero zero zero zero zero

How would you write 0.055 in words?

point zero five five or zero point zero five five or fifty-five thousandths

When was Three-Five-Zero-Zero created?

Three-Five-Zero-Zero was created in 1968.

How do you round off a number if the number is zero before five Is it you retain the number or you increase by 1?

You increase the number by one i.e the zero will become a 1.

How do you 0.005 in words?

zero point zero zero five five thousandths

What fraction is between zero and half?

A quarter is half way between zero and a half.

How do you round 69.333 to the nearest zero?

That rounds to zero.

What does it mean to round to the closest in math?

To "round" means that you slightly alter a number to bring it to a more even quantity. It is possible to round to any place value. If you were rounding to the nearest ten, anything greater than or equal to five but less than ten would round to ten and anything less than five but greater than zero would round to zero. This is a general rule that holds true regardless of place value.

Round zero to the thousands place?

Are you asking how to round to thousands place when there's a zero in that place

How do you say 570 000 in English?

Five hundred and seventy thousand. Five seven zero zero zero zero.

Is the fraction two over twenty-five greater than or less than zero point zero three four?


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What is half of 0?

there is no half of zero .

How do you round 8 to the nearest hundred?

8 rounded to the nearest hundred is "zero".