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No, 4 goes down. When rounding anything less than five you round down. When rounding anything five or more you round up. 4 is less than 5 so you round down. Rounding 4 down would be 0.

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No, when rounding, numbers that are less than 5 stay the same. So, if the number 4 is rounded, it remains as 4.

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Q: Does 4 and up go up when rounding?
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How do you do rounding up?

Go to school and learn how.

When rounding numbers does 5 go up or down?


What is Mathematical skill that estimates or approximates a given value?

the mathematical skill is rounding 5 or above go up 4 or below go down

Write a four digit number that rounds to 1000 when rounded to the nearest hundred?


Rounding to the nearest ten thousand?

Rounding to the nearest ten thousands is easy. All you have to do is take the number and count over 4 number and if the number is than 5 it will go up a number.

When yhour rounding does the number behind the decimal all turn into zeros?

When you're rounding, the place you're rounding to will either stay the same or go up by one. Everything to the right of that place will turn into zeros.

What is a sentence for rounding?

the whole unit was calculated by rounding up

What is 6.324 rounded to two decimal places?

That depends on how you are rounding: Rounding up = 6.33 Rounding down = 6.32 Rounding nearest = 6.32

What is 100 - 99.9999 without rounding up?

100 - 99.9999 without rounding up = 0.00010000000000331966

What is rounding in Visual Basic?

Rounding in Visual Basic is the method of rounding an integer up, or flooring an integer, which is rounding down. To round up, you use the System.Math.Round function. To round down, or floor, you use the System.Math.Floor function.

What is the number 6 round up to?

That depends on what unit you are rounding up to. Are you rounding up to the nearest 10? The nearest 100? The nearest 1000000?

What is 12.5 to the nearest whole number?

13 if rounding up. 12 if rounding down.