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Yes! IKEA ranges from super expensive to cheap and they can help you find what you need. Tables can be cheap and still sturdy.

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Q: Does Ikea sell a square dining table under $400?
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Where to buy a round dining table that seats 8?


Where can I purchase dining table sets?

You can go to IKEA or you can go to home depot. IKEA has things that you need to put together so you have to do some work, they give you the tools you need but sometimes they leave something out of the kit/package that you really need to build the dining table set. Also IKEA's prices are usually pretty cheap.

What styles of dining room sets does Ikea offer?

Ikea offers a wide variety of dining sets, from brands like Bjursta, Granas, and Fusion. They come in 4-seaters or 2-seaters, including a table, large or small.

Where can one purchase some dining room table sets?

One can purchase dining room table sets at many retail locations, both in person and online. Examples of such locations that offer dining room tables include IKEA and Ashley furniture.

Does Ikea sell modern bar stools?

Yes, Ikea does sell modern bar stools. You can see their available designs at and look under Dining section.

Where is the best place quality and price to buy a dining room table in Massachusetts?

There are lots of places in Massachusetts to buy quality dining room tables. A few places are IKEA, Henrietta's Table in Cambridge, MA, Bernie & Phyls in Saugus, MA.

Where can one purchase cheap dining room chairs?

One can purchase inexpensive dining room chairs at Ikea. Ikea has locations all around the world. At Ikea they can help you all your furniture needs, at a low price. For example, dining room chairs. Ikea has a huge variety that can match any old set and for a low price.

Which dining room set will give me the most for my money?

A dining set from ikea is good bang for the buck.

Which store sells an extending dining table?

Generally, extending dining tables can be found in furniture stores. If it proves difficult to acquire it from local stores, one can also order it online from retailers like IKEA and Argos.

Does Home Depot carry any dining room tables?

No, Home Depot does not sell dining room tables. They specialize in home improvement, construction products and services. If you want a dining room table, shop at a furniture store like Ethan Allen or Ikea.

How much does a dining room table cost at Ikea?

IKEA has long been the source for inexpensive function furniture. With tables ranging from $39 to $450, sized from a single person to an family of 8 there are options to fulfill anyone's needs.

Does sims 2 IKEA stuff come with dining tables and matching chairs?

OF COURSE! If you went to the real IKEA (which i did before i answered this q) and you saw a table and matching chairs, then their would be them on the game. I have it and they do have thousands of tables and matching chairs.

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