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Beijing has 30000000000000m square of sewer rats Beijing has 30000000000000m square of sewer rats

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Q: Does London or New York have more square miles?
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Which state has more land area New York or Tennessee?

New York has more land area than Tennessee. New York has 47,126 square miles of land area. Tennessee has 41,235 square miles of land area.

Does New YOrk have more land area than Texas?

No. Texas has 261,914 square miles of land. New York has 52,075 square miles of land. So Texas is about 5 times as big as New York.

What is the total area of New York City?

The total area of New York City is 468.9 square miles (1214.4 square kilometers). Of that, 165.6 square miles (428.8 square kilometers) is water, and 304.8 square miles (789.4 square kilometers) is land. See the Related Link below for more information.

Is New York bigger than Florida?

No, Florida is more then 11,000 square miles larger in area.

Is New York more dangerous than London?

You are more likely to be shot in New York, but you are far more likely to be stabbed, mugged or beaten up in London.

What does London have more of than New York?

Rules and police.

Are there more banks in London than new york?


London smaller than New york true or false?

False and True London is bigger in size but New York has more people

How large is Queens New York in square miles?

Queens is the largest New York City borough (109 square miles or about 35% of NYC's total land area), and is the second largest borough after Brooklyn in population. More than 2 million people call Queens home.

How many square miles in 3 acres?

Less than 1 square mile: 0.004688 square miles to be more exact.

How many miles is 429.82 square miles?

a little more than 82,92 miles

What is the Price per square foot in central London?

The price is 200 pounds per square foot. London is more expensive than the UK.

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