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There is no connection between a Basketball player's number and the position he or she plays.

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Q: Does a basketball player number signify their position?
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What is usually the tallest player's position on a basketball team?

Center position.

What player position is P in basketball?

Power Forward

What does c in basketball mean?

center (a player position)

Who is the smallest basketball player at present in NBA?

Earl Boykins is the smallest player currently in the NBA. He is 5'5 and plays for the Milwaukee Bucks. He is number 11 and his position is point guard.

What player position is w in basketball?

There is no position with w, but w could mean wing which is a guard

What position does the tallest player on a basketball team play?


Who is traditionally the tallest player on the basketball court?

Traditionally the Center position is played by the tallest player.

When an post player in basketball has position and the defensive player uses his legs to move that player out of the post is that a foul?


What position does the shortest player on a basketball team play?

Point guard

What is the player's speed when leaving the floor if a basketball player can jump 0.72 m off the floor from a standing position?


What is a basketball player with a number 5?

basketball player with a number 5- Carlos Boozer from Germany

What can a player do from triple threat position in basketball?

You can either drive it, pass it, or shoot it

What player position is FC in basketball?

forward centre it is actually cf not fc

What type of player should a person play your position be in positions 4and5 in basketball?

Usually a tall and aggressive player.

What is the number of fouls a player can do in basketball?


Who was the number one basketball player?


How much does a women basketball player make a year?

depends on the position and team and where they play

What is a zone defense in basketball?

you stay in one position and dont guard a single player

Who is th number one basketball player on Kentucky basketball?

i would proble one of the twins

What famous basketball player was number 40?


What is the best basketball jersey number?

the number the greatest player wore 23

In basketball what is the most common cause of a player getting sent off?

Most commonly, a player is sent off a game when he reaches a number of five (in amateur basketball ) or six (in professional basketball).

Is Cody martin dead?

Basketball player Cody Martin is alive and well. He plays the small forward position for the North Carolina State basketball team.

What position did Michael jordan play?

Michael was a professional basketball player for the Chicago Bulls. During his career, Michael played the position of a shooting guard.

Which Duke Basketball player wore number 6?

No Duke basketball player ever wore the number 6 in college. The NCAA only allows numbers 0-5 to be used for jersey numbers.