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It can. Negative 2 minus negative 1 = negative 1.

However, it sometimes might be positive. Negative 5 minus negative 16 = positive 11.

If you have two equal negative variables, such as -a - -a, you will get -2a. -2a may still be positive though, if a is a negative number. An example of having two unequal negative numbers is -a - -b, which is -a + b. That may be positive or negative depending on what a and b are equal to.

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Q: Does a negative subtracted from a negative equals in a negative in algebra?
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What is negative 3 subtracted by 5 equals?


What is the quotient of negative thirty two and negative two?

16. Negative times divided subtracted or added to another negative number always equals a positive answer.

What is a negtive number subtracted by a negative number equal?

negative number subtracted FROM a negative number will be negative

If negative 8 subtracted by 8 times d equals 64 what does d equal?


what times what equals negative eighteen in 8th grade algebra?

3 X -6=-18

What property in algebra is negative 2 plus 0 equals negative 2?

Zero is the additive identity element.

What 2 integers when added equals negative three and when subtracted equals negative thirteen?

negative 8 and positive 5 (-8) + (5) = -3 (-8) - (5) = -13

What is 40 and one-fourth subtracted by 38 and one half?


What is twenty subtracted negative ten?

30. 20--10, two-'s equals +. 20+10=30

If equals are subtracted from equals the remainder are equal?


What is a negative subtracted by a positive?

If you subtract a positive from a negative, you will get a negative.

What negative number and positive number subtracted equal positive 7?

A negative number subtracted by a positive number will always end up negative.

What is a negative number subtracted by a positive?

its a negative number.

What is 7 subtracted from what equals -15?


Does a positive subtracted from a negative equal a negative?

Always yes

What is negative two ninths subtracted by negative three?


Does a positive number minus a negative number equal a positve number?

Well, a positive number minus a greater positive number equals a negative number. But it's impossible for a negative number to be subtracted from any number.

What is 9-(-1) in algebra?

When you subtract a negative number, that is the same thing as adding a positive number, so this equals 10.

What does a negative subtract a positive equal?

a negative subtracted by a positive will always equal a negative.

Is positive integer subtracted from negative integer a negative integer?


What is one subtracted by negative three?


What is negative twenty subtracted ten?


What is negative three subtracted by two?


What subtracted by 418 equals to 222?


What is the result when 8x 3 is subtracted from negative 2x 5?

It is negative 34.