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Q: Does a obtuse triangle ever have equal sides?
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Can an obtuse triangle ever be a scalene triangle?

Yes. The triangle with sides 7 cm, 8 cm, 13 cm is obtuse (the angle opposite the side of 13 cm is 120o) and scalene as none of the sides are equal.

Could a triangle ever be an equilateral triangle?

Yes and it will have 3 equal sides

Is an obtuse triangle ever a right triangle?


Can obtuse triangle ever be isosceles?

Yes providing that the two equal angles are acute angles

Could a obtuse triangle ever be an equilateral triangle?


Can an isoceles triangle ever be scalene?

No. An isosceles triangle has, by definition, two sides of equal length. A scalene triangle has, by definition, no sides of equal length. So, by definition (and the fact that 0 is not 2), an isosceles triangle cannot be scalene.

Does an obtuse triangle have two obtuse angles?

No not ever because the 3 interior angles of any triangle add up to 180 degrees and so an obtuse triangle will have 1 obtuse and 2 acute angles.

Is an obtuse angle ever an equilateral triangle?


Do some triangle have two obtuse angle and 1 acute angle?

No because any triangle must have a total of 180 degrees when the angles are added together and with 2 obtuse angles the sum would be greater than 180. A triangle can only ever have one obtuse angle.

Does a triangle have parallel line?

No two sides of a triangle can ever be parallel.

Will the medians of an obtuse triangle ever intersect on the triangle?

Yes. Medians always intersect in a single point, called the centroid, or geocenter.

Does an isosceles triangle have two obtuse angles?

No. It is not possible in Euclidean planar geometry (if you don't know what that means, it means "the only kind of geometry you've ever heard of") for a triangle to have two obtuse angles.