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No because any triangle must have a total of 180 degrees when the angles are added together and with 2 obtuse angles the sum would be greater than 180.

A triangle can only ever have one obtuse angle.

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Q: Do some triangle have two obtuse angle and 1 acute angle?
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Are some isosceles triangles acute?

Yes. Consider a triangle ABC with the following angles:A = 40B = 70C = 70Angles B and C are equal, which means the triangle is isosceles. All three angles are less than 90 degrees, which means the triangle is acute. Therefore, the triangle is both isosceles and acute.

What are some ways to estimate the measure of an angle?

You can estimate angles by using right, acute, and obtuse, or just by simply using a protractor. A protractor isn't a person who is a pro at driving tractors, its a semi-circle shaped math tool. XD

How do you find the perimeter of a triangle with perpendicular height?

The height of a triangle alone is not enough information to find the perimeter. You need some angle measures or side lengths.

How do you find the measure of an angle to the nearest degree?

You can measure it. Or you can measure some other quantities (for examples, the lengths of the sides of a triangle), and calculate the angle using trigonometry.

What is angle of elevation and depression?

please give me the example of Angle of Elevation and depressionIn order to solve problems involving angles of elevation and depression, it is necessary touse basic right triangle trigonometrysolve equations which involve one fractional term is also important to know.find an angle given a right triangle ratio of sides.the fact that corresponding angles formed by parallel lines have the same measure.A typical problem of angles of elevation and depression involves organizing information regarding distances and angles within a right triangle. In some cases, you will be asked to determine the measurement of an angle; in others, the problem might be to find an unknown distance. Suppose a tree 50 feet in height casts a shadow of length 60 feet. What is the angle of elevation from the end of the shadow to the top of the tree with respect to the ground?First we should make a diagram to organize our information. Look for these diagrams to involve a right triangle. In this case, the tree makes a angle 90º with the ground. A diagram of this right triangle is shown below.In the diagram, known distances are labeled. These are the 50 and 60 foot legs of the right triangle corresponding to the height of the tree and the length of the shadow.The variable q is chosen to represent the unknown measurement, the object of the question.To relate the known distances and the variable, an equation is written. In this case the equation involves the lengths of the sides which are opposite and adjacent to the angle q. Using the ratio of opposite to adjacent sides, we have .We use inverse tangent of or which is the angle of elevation.

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Is it possible for some triangles to have none exterior angle obtuse angle?

Yes, a Triangle can have 3 obtuse EXTERIOR angles of measure 120° ONLY in the case of an equilateral Triangle. OTHERWISE, a Triangle always has 2 obtuse Exterior angles and 1 acute Exterior angle.

Is it true that an obtuse triangle can have a right angle?

In Euclidean geometry, a triangle must be one of these: acute, obtuse, or right. Maybe there is a non-Euclideangeometry for which some obtuse triangles can contain a right angle, but it doesn't happen in Euclidean geometry.

Does every triangle have to have an obtuse angle?

no Not every triangle has to have one. Some triangles may be acute, meaning that none of their angles are over 90. Some triangles may be right, meaning that there is one right angle. Although some triangles may be obtuse, not all triangles are obtuse.

Does a triangle have 2 obtuse angles?

Some have one obtuse interior angle, others have none. A triangle can have no more than one obtuse angle.

Do some triangles have one obtuse angle and two acute angles?

Yes. For example, an isosceles triangle with one angle of 120 degrees, and two of 30 degrees.

Which shapes do not contain obtuse angle?

Some examples are: circle, square, rectangle, right angle triangle, equilateral triangle

Can some triangles have two obtuse angles and one acute angle?

Yes of course

How do you spell the kinds of triangles?

Some types of triangles are: scalene triangle equilateral triangle isosceles triangle acute triangle right triangle obtuse triangle

What are some different triangles?

You have acute, right, and obtuse triangles when referring to the measure of the largest angle, and you have equilateral, isosceles, and scalene triangles when referring to the congruency of the triangle's sides.

Some triangles have two obtuse angles and one acute angle?

Spherical triangles as on the earth's surface.

What are some characteristics of acute triangle?

it s a angle that is less than 90 degrees.

Can you show a picture that has a triangle with 2 acute angles?

Go to and search "obtuse isosceles triangle", that should get you some good examples.

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