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Yes it does - it has two pairs of equal angles.

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How many angles does a parallelgram have?

a parallelogram has 4 angles it is pretty much a rectangle that is tilted

A parallelgram with 4 right angles with different lengths and widths?


What do you call a parallelgram with 4 equal sides but no right angles?


Consecutive angles in a parallelgram are?

They are supplementary.

How many angles has an parallelgram have?


What is the sum of angles in a parallelgram?


Are opposite angles of a parallelgram equal?

Yes, and adjacent angles are supplementary (add to 180°)

Have many vertices does a parallelgram have?

Not sure about a parallelgram, but a parallelogram has 4.

What is the difference parallelgram and a rectangle?

A parallelogram looks like a tilted rectangle with 2 equal acute opposite angles and 2 equal opposite obtuse angles whereas a rectangle has 4 equal angles of 90 degrees.

How many sides does a parallelgram have?

4 sides

Is parallelgram a square?

No but they are both 4 sided quadrilaterals

Does a parallelgram have all right angles?

It depends. Most parallelograms don't have all right angles. However, there is a special type of parallelogram that has all right angles. You probably know this shape by its proper name, a rectangle.

How is a square similar to a parallelgram?

They are similar because they both have 4 sides.

What makes a parallelgram a parallelgram?

A parallelogram has two pairs of opposite sides which are parallel.

Does a parallelgram have 4 equal sides?

NO, the opposite sides are of equal lenght, but all 4 sides need not be.

What is never true about a parallelgram?

"A parallelgram is a word which is spelled correctly" is a statement which is never true.

Is a trapezoid a parallelgram?


Can a rhombus have the same name as a parallelgram?

NO if a rhombus is called a parallelgram you would get destracted 3.gram

Is a parallelgram is a quadrilalateral?

Yes, it is.

Is a parallelgram a rectangle?


What is the area of this parallelgram?


Is a traezoid always a parallelgram?


Is every Rhombus a parallelgram?


Is a rhombus a type of parallelgram?

Yes, it is.

How many diagonals does a parallelgram?


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