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yes.prism has four bases.

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Q: Does a prism have more than two bases?
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Related questions

Can a prism have more than two bases?

no, a prism has 2 bases. beyond that its called something different.

How many bases does a prism have?

It depends on what kind of prism you mean. For example, a rectangular prism has 6 bases and a triangular prism has 5 bases. A triangular prism only has two bases.

A prism will always have at least bases?

A prism will always have at least TWO bases

Can a prism have two bases and four faces?

Sometimes,only because,a rectangular prism has two bases and four faces, but a triangular prism has two bases and three faces.

Does a prism have two bases?

it depends what kind of a prism you are talking about but it has two !!!

Does a prism has two congruent bases?

It can, but need not. Only a right prism must.

How many bases does a heptagonal prism have?

A heptagonal prism has two 7-sided bases.

How many bases of a pentagonal prism?

Each and every prism has two parallel congruent bases. It is the shape of these bases that give the name to the prism: a pentagonal prism has pentagons (not necessarily regular) for its bases.

What figure has 2 congruent polygons as bases?

A prism. A triangular prism has two congruent triangles as bases, rectangular prism, pentagonal prism, etc.

How many bases does a pentagon prism have?

Two pentagonal bases.

How many bases does a hexagonal prism have?


The bases of a prism are two?

parallel polygons.

The bases of a prism are two what planes?


What has two parallel and congruent bases?


Does a prism have two parallel bases?

No, not neccesarily

What solid figure has two bases?

A prism.

Definition of the word pentagonal prism?

A pentagonal prism is a prism with two pentagon-shaped bases.

You are a polyhedron you are a prism your two bases are hexagons your other two faces are rectangles What are you?

A hexagonal prism

Does a prism have two parrele and identical bases?

No.But is does have two parallel and identical bases.

What polyhedron has two congruent parallel bases?

A prism has two congruent parallel bases.

A triangular prism has how many bases?

Two. All prismatic shapes have two bases.

What are the parallel bases of a triangular prism?

The parallel bases would be the two triangular faces, on either end of the prism.

Which characteristic do a prism and a pyramid NOT have in common?

The number of bases they do not have in common. A pyramid has one base, but a prism has two bases.

How many bases on a hexagon prism?

Two: the two hexagons!

What Prism has two congruent faces?

A Base. * * * * * What? Every prism, by definition, has two congruent faces which may be called the bases of the prism.