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Each (interior) angle in a rectangle is 90 degrees.

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Q: Does a rectangle have all equal angles?
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Are all angles on a rectangle equal?

Yes- they are all right angles.

Is the angles of a rectangle equal?

yes......? they are all right angles.

How many equal angles does a irregular rectangle?

All rectangles are irregular and each has four equal angles.

Does A Rectangle Have 4 Equal Angles?

Yes. All corners of a rectangle have 90 degree angles.

Why is a rectangle a square?

A rectangle is only a square when all the sides are equal and all the internal angles are right angles.

Are all the angles of a parallelogram can be equal in size?

They can, but usually they are not. All the angles will be equal only if your parallelogram is a rectangle.

Can every parallelagram be a rectangle?

Some of them are, but not all of them. A parallelogramis a rectangle only if all of its angles are equal.

What parallelogram has all angles equal?

A rectangle has four angles of 90° each, also known as right angles. The special case is the square, which is a rectangle with four equal sides.

Is square a parallelogram with all sides equal?

Not unless all angles are also equal. A rhombus is a parallelogram with all sides equal. A rectangle is a parallelogram with all angles equal. A square is a rhombus with all angles equal which is a parallelogram with all sides equal and all angles equal.

Is a rectangle always equiangular?

Yes, because not all sides are equal but angles are. That's the key word "angles". It cannot be equal sides because a rectangle is not equal sided.

A rectangle is a parallelogram in which?

A rectangle is a parallelogram in which all four vertex angles equal 90°.

In a rectangle all four angles are equal to?

360 degrees