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360 degrees

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Q: In a rectangle all four angles are equal to?
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How many equal angles does a irregular rectangle?

All rectangles are irregular and each has four equal angles.

What parallelogram has all angles equal?

A rectangle has four angles of 90° each, also known as right angles. The special case is the square, which is a rectangle with four equal sides.

A rectangle is a parallelogram in which?

A rectangle is a parallelogram in which all four vertex angles equal 90°.

What is a four-sided polygon with opposite sides equal and parallel?

A parallelogram. (A rectangle if the angles are 90o)A parallelogram (which may also be a rectangle, if all four angles are equal to 90°)

What shape has4 right angles?

A shape that has four right angles is a rectangle. If all four sides are equal in length, then it is a square.

What is a parallelogram with all four angles equal?

It's a square or a rectangle

Does a parallelogram have four right angles?

Not necessarily. A parallelogram is a quadrilateral with 2 sets of 2 parallel sides. Only rectangles and squares have right angles as all four angles - a rectangle is a "special" parallelogram that has all four angles equal; a square is a "special" rectangle that has all four sides of equal length.

Polygram if has equal angels does it have equal sides?

No. A rectangle has four equal angles, but the sides are not all equal.

All angles are right angles but all sides are not equal?

You don't tell us enough information. In a square, there are four sides and four angles. The sides are all equal and the angles are all right angles. In a rectangle, there are four sides and four angles The opposite sides are equal and the angles are all right angles. There is no other shape in which all angles are right angles.

How many of its angles must measure 90 on a rectangle?

All four angles of a rectangle must equal 90 degrees each.

When is a square not a rectangle?

A square has 4 equal sides, and 4 equal angles and are considered paralellagrams A rectangle has 4 equal angles but not necessarily 4 equal sides, it is also a parallelagram.. On a square all sides are congruent, while in a rectangle only opposite sides are. So when is a square not a rectangle? what defines a rectangle and a square, each shape has to have 4 right angles. the sides are parallel and that in a square all four sides are congruent while in a rectangle only the opposite sides are congruent. So a rectangle must have opposite sides that are parallel and equal and four right angles. A square must have opposite sides parallel, all sides congruent, and four right angles. a rectangle is a parallelogram with four right angles, while a square is a parallelogram with four congruent sides and four right angles. By this definition a rectangle is a square since it has opposite sides that are congruent and parallel and it has four right angles. The question is, why a rectangle is not a square? A rectangle is not a square because it is not required to have four congruent sides.

Is a square a rectangle and a rectangle a square?

Both statements are not always true. A square is a rectangle (a shape four sides and four corners which are all right angles) but a rectangle is not necessarily a square (a shape with four equal sides and four corners that are all right angles).