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Yes, that's what "regular" means.

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Q: Does a regular hexagon have congruent sides and congruent angles?
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Hexagon regular or irrgular?

If the hexagon's sides and angles are congruent, then it a regular hexagon.

Does a regular hexagon have six congruent sides and angles?

yes. it does

Does a hexagon have 6 congruent sides and 6 congruent angles?

Yes, providing that it is in the form of a regular 6 sided hexagon

What has all angles ans sides congruent?

Any polygon called "regular" or "equilateral" will have congruent sides and angles. An equilateral triangle, a square, and a regular hexagon are examples.

Do a hexagon with all congruent sides?

A hexagon with 6 congruent sides is a regular hexagon

What polygon has equal sides and equal angles?

A polygon that has congruent sides and congruent angles is called a Regular polygon. If the number of sides is given, you can be more specific. Some examples: 3 congruent sides/angles = equilateral triangle 4 congruent sides/angles = square 5 congruent sides/angles = regular pentagon 6 congruent sides/angles = regular hexagon ...and so on, by adding "regular" in front of the shape's name.

A hexagon that has six congruent sides but not six congruent angles?

Is an irregular hexagon.

What has congruent sides and congruent angles?

Regular polygons have congruent sides and angles

6 sided figure with all congruent sides?

a regular hexagon... it has to be regular to have the 6 sides congruent.

What shape has 6 congruent sides?

A regular hexagon

Which measure of one interior angle of a regular hexagon?

Sum of angles = (Number of Sides - 2) * 180 = 4 * 180 = 720 Measure of One Angle = 720 / Number of Angles = 720 / 6 = 120 120 is your answer But only if it is a REGULAR hexagon (ie all its sides and angles are congruent).

What are convex polygons with congruent sides and congruent angles?

Convex polygons with congruent sides and congruent angles are called regular polygons.