Hexagon regular or irrgular

Updated: 12/21/2022
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If the hexagon's sides and angles are congruent, then it a regular hexagon.

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Q: Hexagon regular or irrgular
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How do you find the volume of an irregular hexagon?

irrgular hexgonal formula

Is a hexagon a regular polygon or not a regular polygon?

A 6 sided hexagon polygon can be regular or irregular.

How many diagonals are in a regular hexagon?

There are 9 diagonals in any hexagon!The hexagon does not have to be regular.

Does a regular hexagon tesselate?

Yes, a regular hexagon does tessellate.

Can a hexagon be tessellated?

A regular hexagon and some irregular ones will tessellate, But in general they will not.

What is the angle of a hexagon?

It depends on a few factors: if the angle is interior, if the angle is exterior, and if the hexagon is a regular hexagon or not. Each interior angle of a regular hexagon is 120o. Each exterior angle of a regular hexagon is 60o.

What is the perimeter of a regular hexagon?

The perimeter of a regular hexagon is: length times the # of sides, which in this case happens to be six. The perimeter of a regular hexagon= l(6)

Is a hexagon a not regular polgon?

An hexagon is a 6 sided polygon that can be regular or irregular

Is a hexagon a regular shape?

A hexagon is a six-sided polygon that can be a regular or an irregular shape.

How many sides does a regular sides does a hexagon have?

A regular hexagon, like any other hexagon, has six sides.

When not specified -is it regular hexagon?

That depends on where and who is talking about it. However, when not specified, many people do mean a regular hexagon when they say hexagon.

How many parellograms make a hexagon?

There can be any number (>=3) of parallelograms in a regular hexagon. If it is not a regular hexagon you may not have any.