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No, a sphere is like a circle. A circle is a closed figure that is not a polygon. Also another definition it is a shape with all points the same distance from the origin (center). Remember if it had any edges you would have seen the they are sharp looking rectangles and other polygons have edges.

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Q: Does a sphere have an edge?
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How many edge in sphere?

There is no edge in a SPHERE

How many edge do a sphere have?

A sphere has 0 edge.

Does a sphere have a edge?

No. A sphere is like a ball no edges or corners.

What are the number of edges in a sphere?

There is only one edge on a sphere.

How many edge of sphere?

Spheres have no edges.

Name a solid with no edge?

A sphere is a solid with no edges.

A shape that has no face edge base or corner?


What shape his 1 face and no edge and no vertices?

A sphere !

What shape is three dimensional has a curved surface and has no edge?


One face 1 edge 0 corners?


What is a straight line from the centerto the edge of a circle or sphere?


How many edges does a hemi sphere have?

A hemisphere is half of a sphere so it would have only one edge in the shape of a circle.

Is a cone a sphere?

No a sphere is a solid with no vortexes, faces, or edges while a cone has two faces, one vortex, and one edge.

Which shape has one perfectly round edge?

A cone, a section of a sphere.

Why would a prism beat a sphere in a competition?

it has the edge every one should no the answer this is the right one my teacher said so

What had no face no edge and only one face?

It sounds like the shape of a sphere

Who believed the earth was a sphere and that you wouldn't fall off the edge?

hell yea

What is the radius of circle?

The radius of a circle or sphere is a straight line from the centre to the edge.

Does a sphere have any edges or vertices's?

No it doesn't have any vertices's but it has 1 edge.

What is a shape with one face no edge no vertex?

How about a sphere as an example that fits the given description

What is the mathamatical definition of concave and convex polyhedra?

There is a good way to know if a polyhedra is convex. If you place the shape inside a sphere and all of the vertexes were touching the edge of the sphere, then it would be convex. If all of the vertexes didn't touch the edge, then it would be concave. How simply is that?

How many edges vertices and faces does a sphere have?

1 face, 1 edge, 1 verticy.

What three dimensional shape out of a cone cylinder or sphere has 1 edge and 1 face?


How many curved surfaces and edge in sphere have?

One curved surface (two if it is hollow) and no edges.

How many faces edges and vertices does a semi sphere have?

A hemisphere has one edge, two faces and no vertices.

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