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Yes and the other two angles would be obtuse and acute.

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Q: Does a trapeozid sometimes have two right angles?
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Are to right angles complementary?

Two right angles are supplementary.

Does a rectangle have two right angles?

No, it has 4 right angles.

Does a trapezoid have one or two right angles?

A trapezoid may have two right angles.

What has No congruent sides but two right angles?

A right trapezoid can have no congruent sides and two right angles.

If two angles are right,they are congruent.ConverseInverseContrapositive?

if numbers grow too large to represent at the fixed level of precision

Does a rectanglehave at least two angles less or two angles greater than a right angle?

All of the angles in a rectangle are right angles.

Are adjacent angles sometimes always or never complementary?

Sometimes, because they both have two angles.

Does a paraollelagram have a obtuse angle?

Sometimes it has an obtuse angle. If it is just a parallelogram or a rhombus, then it has two obtuse angles.\. If it is also a rectangle or a square, then it has four right angles.

What kind of quadrilateral has exactly two right angles?

A kite can have exactly two right angles.

What has two lines that form a right angles?

two lines that are perpendicular form right angles

What is a hexagon with two right angles?

It is a hexagon with two right angles: there is no special name for such a shape.

Does a trapazoid have two right angles?

It can have 2 right angles but not always