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The triangle has a larger interior angle than the heptagon because the heptagon has more sides.

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Q: Does a triangle or a heptagon have larger interior angles?
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Which polygon has the larger exterior angle triangle or heptagon?

Interior Angles of a Triangle: 60 Exterior Angles of a Triangle: 120 Interior Angles of a Heptagon 128 (approx) Exterior Angles of A Heptagon 52 (approx) Answer: Triangle

Which of these two regular polygon has the larger interior angle triangle or heptagon?


Which of these two regular polygons has the larger interior angle triangle or heptagon?


Does a heptagon have a larger interior angle than a triangle?

If they are both regular then the 7 sided heptagon has a larger interior angle than a 3 sided equilateral triangle.

Which has a larger interior angle heptapon or triangle?

Either could have a larger interior angle. If they were regular, then the interior angle of a triangle would be 60 degrees whereas that of a heptagon would be 128.57 degrees. The REGULAR heptagon would have a larger interior angle than a REGULAR triangle.

Which of these two regular polygons has the longer interior angle triangle heptagon?

If, by longer, you mean larger, the answer is a heptagon.

Which of these two regular polygons has the larger interior angle a heptagon or triangle?

It is the regular heptagon which has the larger interior angle. The rule is that as the number of sides of a regular polygon increases then the external angle decreases while the interior angle increases The summation of the interior and external angleof one vertex is 180 degrees.

Is there a minimum number of acute interior angles that any polygon can have?

Although a triangle must have at least two acute interior angles, a square has four interior right angles and no acute angles. And as regular polygons have increasing numbers of sides, their interior angles get larger.

Which has a larger exterior andle a triangle or heptagon?

That depends on the type of triangle it is but if it's an equilateral triangle then its exterior angle is greater than that of a regular heptagon

What is the sum of the interior angles of a 8-sided polygon?

1080 ~ Well, here's how you can solve that: A triangle's interior has a measurement of 180. A square (and all quadrilaterals, which means a shape with four sides) has a measurement of 360. A pentagon has a measurement of 540. A heptagon has a measurement of 720. All you do to get the total angle measurement of more sided shapes (and in your case polygons) that go up from heptagon as well as below it, all you do is add to get the measurement of a larger interior, or subtract for a smaller interior.

Which of these two regular polygons has the larger exterior angle a triangle or a heptagon?

It is the equilateral triangle that has the largest exterior angle of 120 degrees

Can a regular polygon's interior angles measure 40 degrees?

No. To elaborate, the smallest regular polygon, an equilateral triangle, has 60 degree interior angles. The next larger one, a square, has 90 degree interior angles. In fact, for any regular polygon, the interior angles measure 180*(n-2)/n degrees, where n is the number of sides. No polygon has less than 3 sides. Thus, no regular polygon can have interior angles less than 60 degrees.

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