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An acute triangle has all angles less than 90 degrees. Nothing is said about the sides; it may or may not have sides that are congruent.

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Q: Does an acute tringale have only two congruant sides?
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How many sides does an acute angle have?

there are only two sides.

An acute triangle has only two congruent sides?

An acute triangle may have three, two, or no congruent sides.

What has four sides and four angles Two angles are acute and two are acute?

If the figure has only four sides all together, then it's not possible for all four angles to be acute.

What shape has 4 sides 2 acute and 2 obtuse angles and only one pair of parallel lines?

A trapezoid has 4 sides, 2 acute and 2 obtuse angles, and only one pair of parallel sides

What is the difference between an isosceles and acute triangle?

They both have 3 sides but an isosceles triangle has two equal sides whereas an acute triangle with different acute angles has no equal sides and is said to be a scalene triangle, or an acute triangle with three equal acute angles (of 60° each) and three equal sides is called an equilateral triangle.

Does an acute angle have only two congruent sides?

yes,it has 2

Does an acute triangle have only two sides?

note: TRIangle. a TRIangle always has 3 sides. not 2. THREE

Is an acute triangle always a scalane traingle?

Only when it has 3 unequal acute angles and 3 unequal sides that it is then a scalene triangle.

Does an acute triangle have any perpendicular sides?

nope, only right/equilateral triangles do.

What shape doesnt have any congruent sides and only acute angles?

A scalene triangle is one of them

What are the properties of an octagonal prism?

An octagonal prism has 10 faces (8 lateral faces and 2 bases), 16 vertices, and 24 edges. It has 8 congruent sides that are octagons and 8 rectangular lateral faces. The cross-section of an octagonal prism is an octagon.

Is a isosceles acute triangle a regular polygon?

A regular polygon is one which has all equal sides. But in an isosceles triangle, only 2 sides are equal. The third side has a different measure.Thus an isosceles acute triangle is not a regular polygon.