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No, it does not.

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Q: Does an anomometer measure temperature
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What is an anomometer?

a tool used to measure the speed of wind

How does an anomometer work?

An anamometer is usually a set of 3 cups that are rotated by the wind and measure the wind speed by equating it with speed of rotation.

A weather term that starts with an a?


What device is used for measuring wind speed?


What are the instruments that are used to collect weather data?


What does an anomometer measures?

An anemometer measures wind speed.

When you measure an object's temperature you measure the?


When you measure the temperature of an object you measure the?

Temperature xD

Why is an anomometer important for weather forcasting?

An anomometeris important because if a metoroligist didn't have anomometers they wouldn't have known how hard the wind is blowing and in what direction. So a anomometer measures the wind speed and what direction it's going in.

What thermometers measure temperature?

All thermometers measure temperature.

How do you measure body temperature?

You measure body temperature with a thermometer.

How would a doctor measure body temperature?

What kind of thermometer you use to measure the body temperature

How can you measure temperature?

A way you can measure temperature is using a liquid thermometer.

How do you measure temperature of a human?

Thermometer is used to measure temperature of human

How do you measure temp of room without a thermometer I only have a digital oral thermometer?

It is not possible to measure the room temperature with a thermometer. A digital oral thermometer will not work to measure the room temperature. It is meant to measure human temperature, not room temperature. You will need a room thermometer to measure the room temperature.

Explain what temperature is and how thermometers measure it?

Temperature is the measure of thermal energy. And how you measure thermometers is that if the liquid expands when its temperature increases. The height of a column of the liquid inside the tube shows the temperature.

Which tool is used to measure the property of temperature?

A thermometer is used to measure temperature.

What device is used to measure temperature?

A thermometer is used to measure the temperature of objects.

What temperature is the standard temperature used to measure solubility?

The standard temperature used to measure solubility is 25 °C .

What does a digital thermometer use to measure temperature?

it measure the temperature of water,person or anytjin.

Does temperature measure the heat of the particles of a materials?

Temperature is a measure of the vibrations of the atoms and molecules.

How energy is related to heat and temperature?

Heats a measure of energy. Temperature is a measure of hotness

What does air temperature measure?

Air temperature measures the amount of heat that is in the air. Thermometers are used to measure air temperature.

What is the difference between a wind vane and anomometer?

A wind vane is an instrument for measuring wind direction and for an approximate measure of wind speed. An anemometer measures wind speed the direction is often not measured.

What is a measure of the temperature of the surroundings?

It is the ambient temperature.