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No it does not...

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Q: Does an unfinished room count in total square footage?
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What is square feet of a building?

Square footage of a building usually refers to the total square footage of floor area.

What is the cost per square foot for tile installed?

total cost ÷ square footage

Square footage of a house?

To find the square footage you should multiply the length and width of each room, and add up the results to give you the total square feet.

Is a basement considered in a houses total square footage?

A basement is usually not figured into the total square footage of a home. Sometimes it may be figured in if it is a finished basement that includes a living area.

What is the total square footage for a 15x17 size room?

255 square feet

What is the total square footage of house 45 yards by 10 yards?

4,050 square feet.

What is the square footage of 12.4 feet x 12.6 feet?

Total square feet: 156.24

What is the square footage of a 11 x 10 room?

It's a total of 110 square feet (or you can write it as 110 ft2) Simply multiply the two dimensions together to get the square footage.

What is the square footage of Utah?

Utah has a total area of 84,896 square miles. There are 27,878,400 square feet in one square mile. Utah has total area of 2,290,740,249,600 square feet.

What is the total square footage of meeting space at the Aquarius casino resort?

30,000 feet

How do you find square footage of a roof with pitch?

The site below that explains the pitch - how to measure it with a calculator to use with pitch and calculate the total footage of your roof

Where can I find a calculator for siding?

You must know the total square footage of the area you need siding for. Once you know the square footage, any sales outlet can help figure the amount of siding needed. The square footage can be calculated using the length of the wall multiplied by the height of the wall.

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