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The perfect square roots are simply the counting numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on.
The square root of 1 is 1, the square root of 4 is 2, the square root of 9 is 3, the square root of 16 is 4, and so on....

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Q: Does any one have a list of Perfect square roots?
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Perfect square roots?

There are infinity square roots. Here is why. 1s square root is one, 4s is 2, and goes on forever. So, any whole number is a square root. My guess. I am only in middle school.

Is 300 perfect square root?

Any integer is a perfect square oot (of its square). So 300 is a perfect square root of 90000.

What numbers have perfect square factors?

Any multiple of 4 has perfect square factors.

What is the definition of perfect square?

Any integer multiplied by itself results in a perfect square.

Is 178 a perfect square root?

Yes. Any integer is a perfect square root.

When will it be necessary to round square roots?

Almost always. Most square roots - for example, the square root of any positive integer, except that of a perfect square - will have an infinite amount of decimals. By the way, those decimals won't repeat in the general case, that is, you won't get the same digit pattern over and over again.

How do you find a perfect square?

Take any integer n and square it and you have a perfect square. Then you might want to know if a given number is a perfect square. Take the square root of a number and if it is a whole number, then the number is a perfect square.

Can a perfect square have a negative square root?

If a is any number, then a squared = (-a) squared, so one might say that a and -a are both square roots of a squared. However, the square root symbol always means the positive square root.

What are examples of irrational numbers?

An example is the square root of a number. Ex: square root of 2. This is 1 example, not the main one. Any cube root or square root which doesn't give a perfect number is an irrational number. Ex; square root and cube root of 5, since their answer will be 2.24 and 1.70 which are not perfect numbers like square roots of 25 and 64 or cube roots of 27 and 216.

What does a perfect square mean?

Any time you multiply an integer with itself, the product is a perfect square.

Is twelve a perfect square?

3x3 = 9; 4x4 = 16. Those are perfect square; 12 is not the square of any integer, or even of any rational number.

Is the square root of 97 rational or irrational?

The square root of ANY positive integer is either a whole number, or an irrational number. Only the perfect squares have whole number square roots; all the rest are irrational. 97 is not a perfect square therefore √97 is irrational.

Are any square roots irrational?

Most of them are.

Tell whether each number is rational?

Rational numbers include integers, and any number you can write as a fraction (with integers in the numerator and denominator). Most numbers that include roots (square roots, cubic roots, etc.) are irrational - if you take the square root of any integer except a perfect square, for example, you'll get an irrational number. Expressions involving pi and e are also usuallyirrational.

What you have learn in product of perfect square?

That the set of perfect squares is closed under multiplication. That is if x and y are any two perfect squares, then x*y is a perfect square.

Why the expression X2 is consider a perfect square?

A perfect square is any bionomial that can be written as (x+y)2. X2 can be written as (x+0)2 so it is a perfect square

What is square root of -37?

negative numbers doen't have any square roots values..

What is a non perfect square?

non perfect square is that it cannot be divided by any of the number . It is divided by only itself and one

Can a square root of a perfect square be another perfect square?

Sure. Take the fourth power of any natural number, for example 24 = 16. It square root is a perfect square, in this case 22. As another example, the square root of 34 = 32.

Is the three-digit number X64 a perfect square?

x64 is not a perfect square any number if it is a 3-digit perfect square and ending with 4 it can be 144,324 ,484 and 784 because the number is ending with 4 but the tens digit is not matching to any of the option so it is not a perfect square

What is the difference between principal square root and perfect square root?

A principal square root is any square root that's answer is positive, and a perfect square root is a square root that's answer is an integer.

What does a non-zero rational number mean?

any number (including fractions, square roots and Pi) that are not 0 and are not square roots of negative numbers.

Is the square root a real number?

The square roots of any positive real number are a positive and a negative real number. The square roots of any negative real number are a positive and a negative imaginary number. The square roots of any imaginary number or any complex number are two complex numbers.

Is 121 have any square roots?

11 * 11 = 121

What is the square root of 200?

Any number greater than 0 has two square roots, a positive square root and a corresponding negative square root. Rounded to two decimal places, the square roots of 200 are ±14.14.