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Not that I know of. The largest GFCI breaker I have seen is a 60 amp.

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Q: Does anyone make a 100 amp GFCI breaker?
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Why are the GFCI breakers nuisance tripping in your 100 amp sub panel- is it because neutral bonded to ground?

It may be the GFCI breaker is defective. Make sure it is wired correctly. Neutral to neutral bar and ground to ground bar.

What size breaker do you use for a 100 amp sub panel?

A 100-A sub-panel would be fed from a 100-A breaker.

Does a double 50 amp breaker make a 100 amp?

No, a double pole 50 amp breaker protects a 240 volt supply at 50 amps. The number that is on the handle of the breaker is the amperage that the breaker will trip at if an overload occurs on the circuit.

If a 100a breaker keeps tripping?

If a 100 amp breaker keeps tripping there is an overload on the system.

Can you use a 100 instead 20 to change breakers?

To replace breakers in an electrical box it is extremely important the replace the breaker with the same wattage. Do not replace a 100 breaker with a 20 breaker is can cause damage.

Can you install a 200 amp breaker on 100 amp wire to a 100 amp service breaker?

No, the breaker must have a rating of 125% of the wire rating, no more than that, so that's 125 amps.

Does the 100 amp breaker box have to add up to its main breaker?

No, 100 amps would be the maximum of the total amp ratings of the other breakers.

How much should you pay for a 100 amp breaker?

probally about 100 dollars

Can you change 100 amp breaker to a 125 amp breaker in the 100 amp box?

I doubt if the 125 amp breaker will fit into a 100 amp box. This is due to the rating of the box only being rated at 100 amps. If this exchange could be made then the service conductors feeding the box must be upgraded to take the 125 amperage that the breaker will allow on the conductor.

Can you downgrade from a 125amp main breaker to 100 amp breaker using the same box?

Yes. Provided you can find a physical match to the existing breaker.

Does anyone have a build a bearville account that works?

Its 100% free, you can make your own.

What is the distance needed around a electrical breaker box?


What is the difference between a 100 amp breaker box and a 125 breaker box?

The amperage capacity of the main bus bars and the connection of the main breaker to the bus bars.

Can you use a 60amp breaker for a 100 amp sub panel?

Yes you can use a 60 amp breaker to feed a 100 amp sub panel. The wire from the 60 amp breaker must be #6 or larger. You will not be able to draw the maximum 100 amps from the panel you will be limited to 60 amps.

Does anyone in the US make over 100 million dollars?

Satan most likely!

How do you know if your single pole is 240 or 120?

A single pole breaker will be 120 volts. But to make 100% sure test it with a volt meter.

Can you change 100 amp breaker to a 200 amp breaker in the 100 amp box?

No, absolutely not. The wiring supplying your 100 A panel can only carry 100 amps, not 200 A !If you were to install a 200 A main breaker and then draw more amps than the supply wire can carry, it would overheat and burn. Good way to burn your house to the ground.

What is the value of model 37 breaker shotgun?

50-100 or so

Can a 100 amp main have 2 50 amp breakers?

Yes.Additional InformationBreakers and fuses protect the wires to prevent fire. The 100 Amp breaker in the meter base (main) protects the wire from the meter base to the breaker panel. The 50 Amp breaker in the breaker panel protects the wire from the breaker panel to the outlet. Sometimes the 100 amp main breaker is located in the panel.If you are asking "Can you use two 50 amp breakers for the main breakers with a 100 amp service, then yes you can. The National Electrical Code allows you to use up to 6 breakers as the main overcurrent protection.

If i have 60 amp breaker to house can i put 100 amp breaker box inside?

Yes, but the 60A breaker will trip when your house box reaches 60A draw. I would not recommend it.

How many amps can a double pole 100 amp breaker pull?

There are different strengths of circuit breakers and each one can pull a different amount of amps. For example a double pole 100 amp breaker can pull 100 amps of electricity.

Is it OK to have 250 A of breakers in a 100 A panel?

Yes. Many installations have breaker totals higher that the main breaker of the panel. It is worked on a percentage basis. Not all of the breakers will be on at the same time. In a home, on a 100 amp panel the average load is 50 - 60 amps. The 100 amp main breaker is protecting the 100 amp rated panel board. If the load current goes higher that the panel board is rated at, the main breaker will trip to protect the board.

What size wire do you use to install a 100 Amp breaker for a 240V receptacle for use with a 240V range?

A 100 amp breaker is too large for the average range. If you meant 100 amp service panel then the following installation will work. The most common size breaker used in North America for an electric range is a two pole 40 amp breaker. The feeder to the range receptacle will be a #8 conductor.

You have 220v wiring 2 hots 1 common from breaker box to pool wiring box Common is wired to equipment ground is that correct?

Correction - 2 hot (2 * 120) = 240 volts common - neutral U R 100% correct PS: 240 motor for pool ? hmmm, learn something everyday The cable from the breaker box to the pool should be a 3 conductor. In that 3 conductor cable there should be a bare ground wire (the ground wire is not included in a cable wire count). The pool ground should be connected to that bare wire, not the white neutral. This bare ground wire is then grounded back at the breaker panel to provide a direct path to trip the breaker in case of a short circuit. Code requires a GFCI ahead of the pool load to detect ground faults. See related links below on GFCI's

What size breaker can 2 awg aluminum wire handle?

100 amp