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It means multiply.

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Q: Does area mean to multiply or divide?
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Does area mean to divide or multiply?


What does it mean to multiply and divide fractions?

multiply and divide fractions!-.-

Does the dot mean multiply or divide?

The dot means to multiply.

Does back slash mean multiply or divide?


Do you divide the perimeter with the length to get the area?

To get the area, you multiply the length times the width.

How do you calculate the area of a rhombus?

Multiply the diagonals and divide by 2

Does qoutient mean multiply?

No. Quotient does not mean multiply. When you divide two numbers, the result which comes is quotient.

How do you find the area with the diameter of a circle?

divide it by 2 then multiply it by itself then multiply that by 3.14 (pie)

How do you find the circumference if you know the area?

Take the area, divide by pi, get the sqare root of that number, multiply by 2, multiply by 3.14

How do you estimate the area of a triangle?

To get the area of a triangle you multiply length by width and divide by two.

Does of what number mean divide or multiply?

every number does that

Does 'is' mean to divide or multiply?

"Is" means "equals."

Does product mean multiply or divide?

The product of two or more numbers means to multiply them.

How do you find circumference from area?

Divide the area by pi. Find the square root of your result. Multiply this by 2. Now multiply this by pi. There is your circumference.

What does the mathematic word area mean?

Area is when you multiply length x width equaling the formula. for an example 2 is the lenght 8 is the width multiply them both and your answer is going to be 16 an area can also divide by any number the total area can go by. Try it and see if it works

How do you find the height of a triangle if you only have the base and area?

Multiply the area by 2 and divide by the base

How to find the area of a shape?

To find the area of a square, rectangle, parallelogram:Multiply the base by the height.To find the area of a triangle:Multiply the base by the height then divide it by 2.To find the area of a circle:Multiply 3.14 by the radius, then multiply by the radius again.To find the area of a trapezoid:Add b1 by b2, then multiply the sum of b1 and b2 by the height, then divide by 2.b1=upper baseb2=lower base

Does evaluate mean to multiply?

No. It means to find the value of. That can mean multiply, add, subtract, divide or more complicated stuff.

How do you calculate area of a semi circle?

First find the area of the whole circle then divide by 2. If the whole circle is not provided, multiply 2 and pi (3.14). Then multiply the product by the diameter to get the whole area. (If only the radius is given, multiply it by two and multilply that product to 3.14 x 2.) Then divide the area by 2.

What Does Half Mean In Math?

divide by 2 (or multiply by 0.5)

When you do area do you add or multiply?

you multiply length times width and if its a triangle you multiply length times width and divide by two or cut in half (:

How do you multiply area?

you mean find area? A=LxW

How do i find the total area of pyramid?

first find the area of the base. then multiply it by the height and divide it by three.

When looking for the area do you multiply or divide?

13.3+11+13.3+11=48.6 what would be the area to that problem

How is a unit of measure of area converted into a larger into a smaller unit?

you divide or multiply