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multiply and divide fractions!-.-

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2012-12-07 00:41:53
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Q: What does it mean to multiply and divide fractions?
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Why do you invert fractions?

When you divide by fractions, you invert and multiply.

How do you divide simple fractions?

invert and multiply

What is the difference between cross and across?

When you add or subtract fractions you cross multiply and when you multiply or divide fractions you across multiply.

Why is you impossible divide fractions?

Me is actually not impossible divide fractions. You just take the reciprocal of the dividend and multiply.

Is the reciprocal used to divide fractions?

In order to divide two fractions, multiply the first times the reciprocal of the second.

How do you divide fractions by x?

Multiply by 1/x

What are things you do in 5th grade?

You divide fractions and multiply them

To divide real numbers as fractions multiply by the of the divisor?

" ... multiply by the RECIPROCAL of the divisor.

How do you multiply and divide similar fraction?

To multiply two fractions, multiply the numerators together, then the denominators, then put the new numerator over the new denominator. Simplify if you can. To divide fractions, invert the second fraction and multiply as just described.

How do you divide fractionns?

To divide fractions, turn the second fraction upside down and multiply across.

What is the definitions of scaling and ratios?

Scaling- when you multiply or divide equivalent fractions

How do 4th graders divide and multiply fractions?

The same way anyone else does. To multiply fractions, multiply the top numbers together and then the bottom numbers together. The two totals become the top and bottom number, respectively, of the new fraction. To divide fractions, flip the second fraction upside down and multiply it.

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