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velocity is a vector and speed is scalar. Velocity has magnitude and directions, with magnitude being speed. The magnitude of average velocity and average speed is the same.

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Q: Does average velocity and average speed have the same number?
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Can average velocity and average speed be same?

The magnitude of both can be the same.

How average speed and average velocity are related to each other?

Average velocity equals the average speed if (and only if) the motion is in the same direction. If not, the average speed, being the average of the absolute value of the velocity, will be larger.

What is the numerical ratio of velocity to speed an object?

The size of velocity and the size of speed are the same number. But velocity also has a direction and speed doesn't.

How is instantaneous speed different from average speed?

BecuZ average is the same limit and the other is nesting velocity

Are average speed and average velocity always the same measurements why?

I think it is cuz speed is velocity it's just a vector (more difficult name)

Which describes the average velocity of an ant at a constant speed ina straight line?

In that case, the average speed is the same as the instantaneous speed.

Is there a circumstance average speed equal to average velocity?

As long as there is no change in direction then they are effectively the same.

Is that velocity and speed is same?

In popular speech it is the same; in physics, it is not. Velocity is a vector, meaning that it includes a direction. Speed is just the number, that is, without specifying a direction.

Can the average velocity of a car and average speed be the same?

Yes, if the car moves in only one direction.

How is speed and velocity the same?

No, they are not the same! Velocity involves the speed and the direction of the moving object...

Speed and velocity are the same thing?

No. Speed has no direction. Velocity is speed anddirection.

What kind of speed does a moving object have when the velocity stays the same?

same speed , coz velocity is constant velocity consists of speed and direction...

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