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No. If it did, you'd need a 5-mile driveway at your house,

but a jet fighter could land on a 2-foot runway.

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Q: Does braking distance decrease as speed increase?
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If you double your speed what happens to the braking distance?

When your speed is doubled, your braking distance is multiplied by four.

What cuases speed to increase and decrease?

To increase or decrease speed of an object, a force is needed.To increase or decrease speed of an object, a force is needed.To increase or decrease speed of an object, a force is needed.To increase or decrease speed of an object, a force is needed.

Does Speed Affect Braking Distance Of A Vehicle?


If you double your speed your braking distance multiplies by?

Four. <3

What is a decrease in speed called?

A decrease in speed is called decelerating and an increase in speed is called accelerating. This is correct and i !!

What is 2 factors that affect reaction distance and braking distance?

The weight and speed of the vehicle.

How do you calculate distance and revolutions?

You must buy a bicycle computer and attach it to your bike. They can calculate various things- speed, distance, RPM, time, tempertature, altitude, speed increase or decrease

As the speed of a particle increases does its associated wavelength increase or decrease?


How does mass speed of vehicle affect the braking distance?

t bvv

Why is the braking distance longer when the car is travelling at a higher speed?


If you increase the number of turns in the coil and move a magnet at the same speed will the speed increase or decrease?

Speed would decrease. Because larger opposing emf will be induced and so speed will be reduced

How would decreasing the time it takes you to run a a certain distance affect your speed?

It would increase your speed. Speed = distance / time so if you decrease the time whilst keeping the distance the same, distance/time increases.

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