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Mathematics is applied to physics and chemistry.

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Which of these is a characteristic of nonmetals

What is the only factor needed to calculate change in velocity due to acceleration of gravity 9.8 ms

What term is used to describe splitting a large atomic nucleus into two smaller ones

Which type of reaction is the burning of gasoline to release heat energy

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Q: Does chemistry and physics have any mathematical application or no?
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Why didnt the physics teaches marry the biology teacher?

They didn't have any chemistry.

Why physics consederd the basic science?

Physics is science in a sense. It explains why how and why things happen from simple motion to waves to radiation. Chemistry is a part of physics and in a sense Biology is a result of Chemistry. Without our understand of Physics we would not have any other understanding of science.

How does chemistry create vast amount of energy through nuclear reaction?

It doesn't. That's not chemistry any more, it's physics.

Why did they create maths?

To get a efficient tool that is able to describe the world around us. Math is a vital part of virtually any science. Especially physics and chemistry. Both of these sciences describes how nature works through mathematical models.

What are the application area of computer?

Computers can be applied to any process that can be converted to mathematical terms.

What is physcial science?

Any of the natural science dealing with inanimate or with energy, as physics, chemistry, and astronomy.

Which subjects are required for engineering at unisa?

mainly physics, chemistry and mathematics will get you in any engineering field

Which activity performed by a chemist is primarily based on an uderstanding of physics?

Activities performed by a chemist that are primarily based on an understanding of physics are any sort of analytical chemistry and instrumentation. In reality, all chemistry is based on an understanding of physics - but specifically physics as it applies to atoms and molecules, work and heat - and thermodynamics in general.

What subjects are you supposed to do in high school to become a actual science?

If you want to become a scientist you will need to get a degree at minimum. Do you want to do physics chemistry or biology? If unsure do all three. And mathematics. While you MAY not require any as a prerequisite, doing them will make tertiary studies easier to transition to. For each steam, recommended prerequisites could be... Physics: physics, mathematics. Chemistry: physics, chemistry, mathematics. Biology: biology, mathematics, maybe chemistry.

Is there any software by which you can solve numericals of chemistry and physics?

i have it especially for maths but it would cost you 100 rupees.

Do you use physics formulae in any other subject?

Yes, in chemistry and mathematics mainly. But in Engineering also.

What are three examples for science application in life?

Using acid base chemistry to determine if a substance is toxic. Calculating the distance a catapult will launch a ball using physics. Any kind of pharmaceutical drug was made by an organic chemist.

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