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no coliner points donot make triangle

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Q: Does collinear points make a triangle?
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Do three linear points make a triangle?

I think the question you mean to ask is, "Do three collinear points make a triangle?" Linear is simply the adjective form of "line", "collinear" is used to describe points that lie on the same line. (Two points not only can be collinear, but always are, so it makes little sense to describe them as such).Collinear points cannot make a triangle, a triangle requires three noncollinear points.

What points in a triangle is not necessarily collinear with the other points in the triangle?

The following is the answer.

True or false Any three points can be the verticies of a triangle?

False. Three collinear points determine a line while three non-collinear points determine a plane ( A Triangle)

What are the required conditions of three points to be vertices of a triangle?

That they are not collinear.

Which set of points does not determine a spherical triangle?

Three non-collinear points do not determine a unique spherical triangle.

How does a triangle form?

a triangle is formed by line segments that connect two non-collinear points

Can three points be noncoplanar?

No, A plane can be drawn through any 3 points. If the 3 points are collinear then they make a line and a plane can contain a line. If the points are noncollinear then they can be used to form the corners of a triangle; all points of a triangle are in the same plane.

What is a figure formed by three segments joing non-collinear points?

its a triangle

Any three points can be the verticies of a triangle?

No. Not if they are collinear (on the same straight line).

What is a figure formed by three segments joining three non collinear points?

a triangle

A triangle is a figure formed by three segments connecting three collinear points?


What is collinear and non collinear points?

Collinear pointsPoints that lie on the same line are called collinear points. If there is no line on which all of the points lie, then they are non collinear points.